NEWS: Our FY 2010 Annual Report now available online

The Commission is required to file an annual report with the D.C. Council for each Fiscal Year (Oct. 1st through Sept. 30th).  The report details the major actions of the Commission, the Commissioners who served, and how we spent our money.  We approved a Fiscal Year 2010 Annual Report at our March 9, 2011 public meeting.  We are proud to have created an annual report that serves not only as a basic report to the Council, but also provides residents (new and old alike), businesses, and other ANCs a detailed snapshot of who we are, what we do, what issues we tackled, and what benefits the ANC brought to the neighborhood.

Please see our new, final FY 2010 Annual Report on our “Annual Reports” page here
…or, you can download the PDF file directly by clicking here [approx. 15 MB].

We hope you enjoy reading the report and learning about our ANC!