NEWS: Draft Resolution on Growlers for February ANC Meeting

The following resolution is being proposed for our February public meeting.  Your comments and feedback are welcome.

Resolution to Allow Growler Sales at Liquor Stores with A Single-Sales Exemption

Whereas, the Omnibus Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Emergency Amendment Act of 2012 (the Bill) took effect on January 15, 2013; and

Whereas, the Bill allows for the sale of Growlers, reusable containers holding up to 64 fluid ounces of beer, for off-premise consumption at brew pubs, liquor stores, and full service grocery stores; and

Whereas, Advisory Neighborhood Commission 2B (ANC2B) has the authority to grant certain Class A and Class B establishments exemptions to the Ward 2 Single-Sales ban; and

Whereas, ANC2B reviews prior compliance with Alcoholic Beverage Regulatory Administration (ABRA) regulations, and neighborhood input prior to awarding Single-Sales Exemptions;

Whereas ABRA has stated that Growler sales will require specific exemptions from the Ward 2 Single-Sales ban for Class A and Class B establishments but not for brew pubs;

Be it resolved that ANC2B grants permission to sell Growlers to all establishments that have previously been granted a Single-Sales Exemption and does not consider Growler sales at these establishments a substantial change;

Be it further resolved that ANC2B would consider an application by any establishment that has not previously been granted a Single-Sales Exemption a substantial change and would request standard notification and placarding.

NEWS: Draft Resolution on Growlers for February ANC Meeting

3 thoughts on “NEWS: Draft Resolution on Growlers for February ANC Meeting

  • January 28, 2013 at 7:07 pm

    I am strongly against the sale of growlers. I do think that this steps over the line. There is no control as to whear, when, etc. that the beverage is consummed.

    It is going a bit far.

    Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to offer my opinion.

    Jim Mears

  • February 4, 2013 at 10:49 am

    I’m am strongly in favor of growler sales within the ANC. The sale of growlers is, technically speaking, no different than the sale of larger containers of beer, or of single bottles of wine: the growler is sealed on-site after a fill, per ABRA regulations, making it, for all intents and purposes, the same as a sealed bottle of beer.

    Given the burgeoning microbrew culture in the District, and the fact that many specialty beers are only available as kegs, and that many responsible beer drinkers prefer to imbibe at home, growler sales make sense. It is a concept that is overdue in terms of being allowed in DC, especially in our ANC.

    There are laws on the books about open containers in public spaces, and they pertain to all forms of alcohol and all kinds of containers. Allowing growlers will not change this at all.


  • February 4, 2013 at 2:41 pm

    It’s time we recognize the right of adults to drink and purchase alcohol in whatever vessel they choose, including a growler. The proposal does not affect laws prohibiting public drinking, nor does it substantially change the availability of alcohol overall. Rather, this proposal increases the freedom of retailers and their customers to purchase alcohol in the medium of greatest mutual convenience.

    The city government, including this commission, should choose to recognize the freedom of those individuals to do as they please, without the excessive regulation imposed by this proposal.

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