NEWS: December 2013 Regular Meeting Agenda

Draft December 2013 Agenda

Call to Order and Introduction of Commissioners (7:00pm) (5 mins)

Minutes & Work Calendar (7:05pm) (5 mins)

  1. Circulation of ANC 2B Monthly Work Calendar
  2. Approval of Minutes ‚Äď November 2013 regular & special meeting

Public Announcements (7:10pm) (10 mins)

  1. Updates to ANC website
  2. Other Commissioner announcements
  3. Other public announcements

Regulatory (7:20pm) (105 mins total)

Alcohol Applications (7:20pm) (40 mins subtotal)

License Renewal Applications (10 mins):

  1. Sesto Senso (CT), 1214 18th St NW (#081092), Petition due 12/16/13; Hearing 12/30/13 (2B06)
  2. Camelot (CN), 1823 M St NW (#001449), Petition due 12/16/13; Hearing 12/30/13 (2B06)
  3. Teddy (CT), 1200 19th Street NW (#089980), Petition due 1/13/14; Hearing 1/27/14 (2B06)
  4. DC Noodles (CR), 1410 U Street NW (#073188), Petition due 1/13/14; Hearing 1/27/14 (2B09)

Application (#093454) for new Class ‚ÄúA‚ÄĚ retail license by Experience Umbria Wines, 1629 K St NW, for online retail liquor store; Hours of sales/service/operation 9am-9pm daily; Petition due 12/23/13; Roll Call Hearing 1/6/14. Michael Fonseca presenting (2B05) (10 mins)

Application (#93501) for new DR license (restaurant, beer and wine only) by Mama I‚Äôs Pizza & Pasta, 1825 I (‚ÄúEye‚ÄĚ) St NW, for a ‚Äúnew restaurant service pizza and pasta‚ÄĚ; Hours of operation Mon-Fri 7am-7pm, Sat 12-5pm; Hours of sales/service/consumption Mond-Fri 11am-7pm, Sat 12-5pm; Petition due 12/23/13; Roll Call Hearing 1/6/13. Jennifer Pugh-Nolan presenting (2B06) (10 mins)

Application (#93492) for new CR license (restaurant, full service) by Bub and Pop‚Äôs, 1815 M St NW, for ‚Äúnew restaurant serving American food, specializing in submarine sandwiches,‚ÄĚ no entertainment, no dancing; Total Occupancy 45, Seating Capacity 30, sidewalk cafe 8; Hours of sales/service/consumption Sun-Thu 11am-2am, Fri-Sat 11am-3am; Sidewalk Cafe hours Sun-Thu 11am-3am, Fri-Sat 11am-4am; Sidewalk cafe sales/service/consumption Sun-Thu 11am-2am, Fri-Sat 11am-4am; Petition due 12/16/13; Roll Call Hearing 12/30/13. Andrew Kline presenting. (2B06) (10 mins)

Public Space Applications (8:00pm) (10 mins subtotal)

Re-hearing: Application (Tracking #86302) by Sette Osteria (1666 Connecticut Avenue NW) for Planter Boxes behind sidewalk to 42″ (2B02) (10 mins)

HPRB & Zoning Applications (8:10pm) (30 mins subtotal)

Application to HPRB (#14-039) for proposed renovation to 1728 P St NW (2B07) (15 mins)

Application to HPRB (14-095) for proposed renovation to 1442 T St NW (2B09) (15 mins)

Other Regulatory Applications (8:40pm) (5 mins subtotal)

MedStar Health: request for support of application for consolidated medical services location (2B06) (5 mins)

General (8:45pm) (10 mins)

Consideration of use of Resource Center by DC2NY Bus (10 mins)

Committee & Liaison Reports (8:55pm) (25 mins total)

ABRA Policy Committee (5 mins)

  1. Reports on old business (if any): U Street Moratorium, 17th Street Moratorium, Club Central, Rooftop Bars
  2. Other items
  3. Next Meeting: 12/18/13 7pm @ Resource Center (Third Wednesdays)

Zoning, Preservation & Development Committee (5 mins)

  1. Reports on old business (if any): Zoning re-write, Conn Ave Underpass project, P&P Manual
  2. Other items
  3. Next Meeting: 1/7/13 7pm @ Resource Center (First Tuesdays)

Community Involvement Committee (5 mins)

  1. Reports on old business (if any): Draft Grants Policy, Resource Center project, Community Needs & Resources Survey
  2. Other items
  3. Next Meeting: 12/16/13 7pm @ Resource Center (Third Mondays)

Public Safety Liaisons (5 mins)

  1. Reports on old business (if any): Community Impact Statements, 15th Street Bike Lane, Pedestrian Crossings
  2. Other items

Ward 2 Education Coalition (5 mins)

  1. Reports on old business (if any): Garrison school project, MLK Library
  2. Other items

Commissioner & Staff Reports (9:20pm) (30 mins total)

Staff Reports

  1. Coudriet Intern
  2. Deschaine Intern
  3. Executive Director
  4. Web/IT Consultant

Neighboring Jurisdiction Reports (if any): West End/Foggy Bottom, Adams Morgan, Sheridan-Kalorama, Logan Circle, Georgetown, Columbia Heights/Shaw

Short Reports on Old Business (if any)

  1. Fab Lounge: ABRA license renewal (2B01)
  2. 1817 Riggs Pl NW: HPRB approval (2B01)
  3. Bistro Bistro: ABRA license renewal (2B01)
  4. Al Tiramisu: sidewalk cafe (2B02)
  5. Hotel Palomar: valet parking (2B02)
  6. 2112 R St NW: BZA & HPRB approval (incl gallery) (2B02)
  7. DC2NY: public space renewal (2B02)
  8. Fireplace: ABRA license renewal (2B02)
  9. 1506 19th St NW: DDOT sidewalk cafe (2B03)
  10. 1617 & 1619 19th St NW: BZA request (2B03)
  11. Carlyle Suites: HPRB renovation (2B03)
  12. Embassy of Georgia: zoning variance (2B03)
  13. 1733 16th St NW: HPRB approval (2B04)
  14. Rosebar: ABRA license renewal (2B05)
  15. 1200 17th Street NW: pavers & benches (2B05)
  16. Catch 15: new CT license (2B05)
  17. Noodles & Co: sidewalk cafe (2B05)
  18. BLT Steak: valet parking (2B05)
  19. Balletto: license renewal (2B05)
  20. 901 16th St NW: Zoning relief (2B05)
  21. Pret A Manger: DDOT sidewalk cafe (2B05)
  22. Dirty Martini: ABRA license renewal (2B05)
  23. BarCode: ABRA license renewal (2B05)
  24. Midtown: ABRA license renewal (2B05)
  25. 1618 Q Street NW: HPRB renovation (2B05)
  26. N Street Follies: HRPB revisions (2B05)
  27. Embassy of Oman: zoning variance (2B05)
  28. 1321 21st St NW: new construction (2B06)
  29. Washington Deluxe Bus: public space (2B02/2B06)
  30. Pei Wei Asian Diner: new DR license (2B06)
  31. 1050 Conn Ave NW: bollards (2B06)
  32. Golden Triangle BID: rain garden signage (2B06)
  33. Public Bar: revisions to VA/SA (2B06)
  34. 18th Street Lounge: ABRA license renewal (2B06)
  35. Noodles & Co: DDOT sidewalk cafe (2B06)
  36. 1785 Mass Ave NW: Zoning relief (2B07)
  37. 1337 Conn Ave NW: zoning variances (2B07)
  38. National Tap House: new CT license (2B07)
  39. STK: New CR license (2B07)
  40. Patterson Mansion: HRPB review (2B07)
  41. Chi-Cha Lounge: VA/SA amendment (2B08)
  42. Bar Charley: ABRA substantial change (2B08)
  43. Policy: VA termination, public space plan, holiday hours (2B09)
  44. Taqueria National: public space sidewalk cafe (2B09)
  45. 1421 Swann St NW: zoning variance & HPRB request (2B09)
  46. Precinct Boundaries Plan (Silverstein)
  47. Publisher Box Regulations (Stephens)
  48. Commemorating Annie Kaylor (Silverstein)
  49. Washington Redskins (Putta)

Administrative Matters (9:50pm) (10 mins total)

  1. Finance/Treasurer Items (if any)
  2. Other Admin items (if any)

Adjournment (10:00pm)

NEWS: December 2013 Regular Meeting Agenda