BLOG: Inaugural Community Member Spotlight – Iris Molotsky, President of Dupont Circle Village

Iris Molotsky, Mayor's Award

Having moved to Dupont Circle in 1984, Iris Molotsky is a long-time resident and valued community member. Iris is currently the president of the Dupont Circle Village, a non-profit membership organization dedicated to helping people remain independently in their own homes and community as they age. Iris first became involved in our community through joining the Dupont Circle Citizens Association. As a member of the group, she was the newsletter editor for several years and also served as secretary for one term. Additionally, Iris has also been active in the Dupont Circle Conservancy and believes strongly in historic preservation and the important work DCC does for our community. She has learned a great deal about her neighborhood through listening to architects discuss projects in the area.

Iris has made a significant impact in our community through her involvement with two major initiatives; the renovation of the S & T Streets Park and the Dupont Circle Village. Along with her neighbors and the support of DCCA, Iris helped to organize the non-profit Friends of S & T Streets, adopted the parks through a DPR program and renovated them. Years later, Friends of S & T Streets worked together with the ANC2B to develop a plan for one of the first dog parks in the city.

Beyond her involvement with Friends of S & T Streets, Iris has also played a vital role at the Dupont Circle Village. She was among the early supporters of the concept “aging in place” and was a member of the founding board over five years ago. Currently, Iris serves as the President of the organization. Iris believes “Dupont Circle Village has enabled neighbors to become connected, engendered a sense of community and have provided needed services such as transportation and running errands, educational, cultural and social programs and health and wellness programs.” DCV is also currently collaborating with Historic Dupont Circle Main Streets and local businesses to develop age-friendly business policies.

Having been a long-time resident of our community, Iris has experienced a number of changes throughout the years. When asked what currently is the biggest challenge facing Dupont Circle, Iris believes “We face a number of challenges but top on my list is how do we retain the diversity (economic, ethnic, gender, business/residential balance) that attracted so many of us to the neighborhood.” In the future, Iris hopes “Dupont Circle will remain a vibrant neighborhood that embraces change without forgetting our tradition of mutual tolerance of different lifestyles.”

In Iris’ words, she sums up Dupont Circle as “Forward-looking: a community that embraces change without discarding the past” and believes the best feature of our community is “knowing that I will always meet people I know when I am walking around or are waiting on the corner for the light to change. Dupont Circle really is a neighborhood, which is a way of saying it’s great to be a part of a multi-generational, diverse and dynamic area.  And the fountain is pretty good too.”

Dupont Circle has flourished through the involvement of dedicated, reliable and caring community members like Iris. She has devoted an admirable amount of her time and energy through the years to our community and we are sincerely grateful to her for all that she has done. Thank you Iris, your commitment to Dupont Circle is unsurpassed.