Update Regarding ANC 2B’s Protest of Dacha Beer Garden’s Liquor License Application

Hello neighbors,

ANC 2B would like to provide an update regarding the status of the ANC’s protest of the liquor license application for Dacha Beer Garden at 1740 14th Street NW. At the ANC’s regular June meeting on June 14th, the ANC voted to protest Dacha Beer Garden’s license application based on the negative impact that the establishment would have on nearby residences. While the establishment is located in ANC 2F, along the ANC’s border with ANC 2B, our ANC was able to protest the application because the establishment would be located within 600 feet of our ANC.

Unfortunately, due to an administrative error on the ANC’s part, the ANC was unable to submit the protest resolution by the filing deadline for the application, which was Monday, June 19th. Thus, the ANC will not be able to be recognized by the Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) Board as a protestant for the application.

The ANC would like to assure neighbors that the ANC will continue to be involved in the protest process as the application continues to be considered by the ABC Board. Based on representations from the applicant’s legal counsel, the ANC will work alongside our colleagues on ANCs 1B and 2F, which have both filed protests of Dacha Beer Garden’s application, to represent the interests of our constituents throughout the protest process, including in a potential mediation process. Additionally, the ANC has submitted a resolution to the ABC Board in support of ANC 2F’s protest, a copy of which can be found here.

We sincerely apologize for this error. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this matter, please reach out to Commissioner Scott Davies, who will continue to represent ANC 2B throughout the protest process for Dacha Beer Garden’s application.


Peter Sacco
Executive Director
Advisory Neighborhood Commission 2B

One thought on “Update Regarding ANC 2B’s Protest of Dacha Beer Garden’s Liquor License Application

  1. Nina Miller

    Perhaps needless to say, but this is very disappointing on the part of the ANC. If assistance was needed to draft the letter or otherwise support the task of getting this done, I’m sure several people would have volunteered (including myself). It would be nice think there was a process in place to track commitments made by ANC2B and the relevant deadlines and tasks required to fulfill them.

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