ANC 2B Seeks Input on Curbside Management

Advisory Neighborhood Commission 2B is seeking input from residents, workers, owners/managers of businesses, and visitors regarding strategies for curbside management in the Dupont Circle community to present to the District Department of Transportation (DDOT). Curbside management refers to use of public curbsides to provide residential, commercial, and recreational access.

We would appreciate your input on our survey by 11:59 pm Monday, May 28th. We will be analyzing the results to inform a resolution that the Commission will consider at our upcoming public meeting on June 13th.

Thank you in advance!

1 thought on “ANC 2B Seeks Input on Curbside Management

  1. Kerry Bedard

    To AND2B Parking , Enforcement, DDOT & DC Council

    I am handicapped with a knee amputation. I need to be able to load & unload from the front of my house on N street NW. I have a handicapped sticker & put a sign in my dashboard window that says HANDICAPPED LOADING and my blinkers are on. Usually this takes no more than 3-4 minutes. The stop sign was moved and we have lost a parking place on the street.
    I have now received 2 parking tickets, even though the ticket person sees me struggling to get down my front steps
    SOLVE THIS! You have parking for busses, trucks, taxis, valet and lanes for bikes!
    WHEN ARE TOU GOING TO ADDRESS THE HANDICAPPED ISSUES??? I have been calling the city officials for more than 2 years.

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