ANC 2B Notice of Proposed Changes to Bylaws, Information on Public Space Guidelines and Policies and Procedures Manual

Following discussion at ANC 2B’s August meeting and further review, we would like to provide notice that the changes to the ANC’s bylaws will be further considered at the ANC’s regular September meeting on Wednesday, September 12th at 7:00 pm. The proposed changes may be found here.

The majority of the proposed changes to the bylaws are to come into compliance with DC Code § 1.309 as amended in 2017 in accordance with the Advisory Neighborhood Commissions Omnibus Amendment Act, Law L21-0269. As indicated at the August meeting, the document is annotated to show where changes are made and the reason(s) for those changes. As also committed at the August meeting, the link to DC Code § 1.309, for those wishing to review it, can be found here.

Those wishing to comment on the changes may do so by using the comment function at the bottom of the proposed changes notice. This will consolidate comments in a central location.

Additionally, to gather public input on potential changes to ANC 2B’s Public Space Guidelines, the commission will publish an online survey during the week of September 3rd. Subsequently, ANC 2B will host a community meeting where neighbors can provide further input in person. The meeting will be held in late September/early October. A date and location for the meeting will be announced shortly.

Following this dialogue, ANC 2B will consider changes to its Public Space Guidelines and to its Policies and Procedures Manual at the ANC’s regular November meeting on Wednesday, November 14th. This will allow for a consolidated review and voting process that incorporates any changes to the bylaws and the Public Space guidelines into the Policies and Procedures Manual. Proposed revisions to the Public Space Guidelines and the Policies and Procedures Manual will be published at least two weeks prior to the ANC’s regular November meeting with opportunity for public comment.

Please let your single member district commissioner know if you have any questions about the above details.

1 thought on “ANC 2B Notice of Proposed Changes to Bylaws, Information on Public Space Guidelines and Policies and Procedures Manual

  1. Nick DelleDonne

    Annual Report. In the beginning of ANC history, annual reports were mandatory. Since few read them, they were made optional in 2000. The Omnibus has again made an annual report (although the contents are less comprehensive) mandatory. ANC2B has a reference to an annual report in its By Laws and it is here eliminated. Instead the annual report is specified as a financial report, which is also required but separate.

    I made this comment about the deletion of the annual report requirement before the last ANC meeting in August but I am happy to make it again.

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