September TPI Committee Meeting Rescheduled for October 2nd

In observance of the Yom Kippur holiday, ANC 2B has rescheduled our September Transportation and Public Infrastructure (TPI) Committee meeting for Tuesday, October 2nd at 7:00 pm at the Dupont Circle Resource Center, 9 Dupont Circle NW. The agenda for the committee meeting will be published closer to the meeting date.

The committee will not meet on Wednesday, September 19th.

10 thoughts on “September TPI Committee Meeting Rescheduled for October 2nd

  1. Nick DelleDonne

    According to Time Magazine, In 2018, Yom Kippur starts at sundown on Tuesday and ends at sundown on Wednesday. 7 pm on Wed , the usual time for our meetings is only 9 minutes off sunset tomorrow. Not even ten minutes. We could all show up ten minutes late and hold the meeting.

    If you were planning to cancel for this reason , you could have told all of us a long time ago.

    Nick DelleDonne, ANC Commissioner 2B04

  2. Anonymous

    Nick – I noticed the overlap late last week between Yom Kippur and the scheduled TPI meeting, so the change was not long in planning.

    I brought it to the attention of the Chair who, based on how the holiest day on the Jewish calendar is observed, agreed the meeting date should be changed.

    A new date was determined today and the announcement was made as soon as it was confirmed.

    Amy Johnson, ANC Commissioner 2B01 and Vice-Chair ANC 2B

  3. Nick DelleDonne

    Commission Johnson, you email to me yesterday says you noticed the conflict on Friday but cancelled the meeting on Tuesday at 4 pm for the following day’s meeting. Holy days are predictable. I respect everyone’s holy days. My complain is in not foreseeing the conflict earlier and letting the community know when you discover the conflict, which according to you was last Friday. We have a list of TPI members do we not? I and others would like to plan our time.

    Here is your email to me. “I wanted to share some additional context as I was the one who noticed the overlap in the holiday and TPI schedule (and only because of a conversation with Beverly). I raised it with Daniel, Randy and Scott last Friday.”

    Nick DelleDonne
    ANC Commissioner 2B04

  4. Amy Johnson

    Nick – your quote is correct. I did write that in an email reply to you and other ANC Commissioners.

    When I realized the conflict on Friday, I raised it with the ANC Chair (Daniel). When he agreed that the meeting should be rescheduled, Randy & Scott as TPI Committee Co-Chairs, were looped in since they manage the committee. It takes some time to find a new date for a meeting, which Randy worked on, hence the announcement on Tuesday afternoon that the TPI meeting was rescheduled (not canceled). Rather than disseminating – one that the meeting would be postponed but not announcing a date and another with the date – one combined message with all of that information went out yesterday, more than 24 hours before the original date and time that the meeting was scheduled.

    You’re absolutely correct that holy days are predictable. We – as an entire commission – missed identifying this overlap sooner than last week. As detailed above, this was addressed as soon as it was noticed.

    Amy Johnson, ANC Commissioner 2B01 and Vice-Chair ANC 2B

  5. Nick DelleDonne

    Commissioner Johnson, are you saying you held off telling us you were cancelling the TPI meeting until you had secured a replacement date and that Commissioner Downs was responsible for the delay? Posting at 4 pm on the day before the event seems like a calculated and deliberate.
    Why could you not just issue a notice of the conflict immediately?
    When did you notify the TPI committee members? Don’t they deserve the courtesy?
    Nick DelleDonne
    ANC Commissioner 2B04

  6. Amy Johnson

    Nick – The notice of the rescheduled meeting was made by the executive director on behalf of the ANC, as is the case with public notices of meeting times/dates. I did not personally make any announcements regarding the rescheduled (not canceled) meeting.

    As noted above, Randy worked on setting a new date. TPI Committee members were consulted during that process, you’re welcome to check with them on that.

    My last response also noted the reason why one notice was issued on Tuesday regarding the rescheduled meeting.

    Amy Johnson, ANC Commissioner 2B01 and Vice-Chair ANC2B

  7. Alan Rueckgauer

    Commissioner DelleDonne, your remarks about how the meeting could have been kept on Wednesday are astonishingly insensitive, ignorant, and outright disrespectful. Completely unworthy of an elected official. Sadly, this is the kind of attitude and drama-laced response many have come to expect from you. I’m not aware of any upset or annoyance about the change among my fellow committee members. I doubt the overwhelming majority of the community had any problem with it, either.

    Face reality: This is Washington. Meetings are rescheduled or canceled at the last minute for every imaginable reason. Flexibility is an imperative for everyone who engages in any manner of public or business life here. Grouse about it *in private* to your heart’s content but keep it away from constituents. Don’t use it as a transparent and lame attempt to make the ANC look like the bad guy.

    Were there anything the least bit sincere about your upset over this, YOU would have taken the initiative to check all of the meeting dates for potential conflicts, and alerted your fellow commissioners well in advance. Instead, you choose to simply drop more of your disruptive, self-serving drama.

    It does not make you look like a champion of the people.

  8. Randy Downs

    Not much to add to Commissioner Johnson and TPI Committee Member Rueckgauer’s comments.

    But to restate: Once the meeting conflict was noticed and raised to me, I, as the Chair of the TPI Committee decided to reschedule the meeting and consulted the committee members on what dates worked best for them. TPI members were consulted. After allowing a few days for Comiteettee members to respond, I chose Oct 2nd as a responsible alternative to give TPI members, Commissioners, presenters, and the public several weeks notice to make arrange/ rearrange their schedules.

    Make note: In observance of the Yom Kippur holiday, ANC 2B has rescheduled our September Transportation and Public Infrastructure (TPI) Committee meeting for Tuesday, October 2nd at 7:00 pm at the Dupont Circle Resource Center, 9 Dupont Circle NW.

    I look forward to a productive meeting Oct 2nd.

    Randy Downs
    Commissioner ANC 2B05 and Chair TPI

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