Summary of ANC 2B’s August 28th, 2019 Transportation and Public Infrastructure (TPI) Committee Meeting

Summary of Dupont Circle ANC 2B
Transportation & Public Infrastructure (TPI) Committee Meeting
August 28, 2019, 7 p.m., Dupont Resource Center, 9 Dupont Circle NW

Request for Traffic Safety Assessment at 14th and Wallach

Neighborhood resident Vicki Caudullo reported that the unsignalized crosswalk at 14th Street and Wallach Place, N.W., seems dangerous.  She reached out to the District Department of Transportation (DDOT) about this and was instructed to contact the ANC. The crosswalk of concern is located on the boundary between ANC 1B and ANC 2B (2B09), so ANC 2B Commissioner/TPI Committee Chair Randy Downs (2B05) and ANC 2B Commissioner Ed Hanlon (2B09) agreed to work directly with the appropriate ANC 1B commissioner (Commissioner Dan Winston) in supporting a request to DDOT for a Traffic Safety Assessment ( ).

Discussion of Locations for On-Street “Micromobility Corrals” for E-Scooters, Bikes, and Other Dockless Vehicles in ANC2B

TPI Committee Chair Downs reported that DDOT is building out on-street micromobility corrals throughout Dupont and the District. For background, in December 2018 as part of the rulemaking for dockless vehicle regulations, ANC 2B requested that DDOT establish these “micromobility corrals” to help mitigate the impact of parked dockless vehicles. These designated on-streets corrals are intended to provide a well-ordered parking area for e-scooters, bikes, mopeds, and other dockless vehicles which does not impact sidewalk space, reducing clutter and pedestrian inconvenience. These new corral locations will include the installation of bike racks and decals to direct bike and scooter parking in the curbside lane in the form of a “micromobility corral.” Each corral will be able to accommodate six bicycles and six scooters.  A micromobility corral at 20th and Q Streets, NW, is now operational. TPI Chair Downs requested that suggestions for additional sites in ANC 2B be sent to him.

Presentation on the Transportation Benefits Equity Amendment Act of 2019

The TPI Committee heard a presentation from ANC 2B resident Allen Greenberg, a volunteer with the Coalition for Smarter Growth, regarding the Transportation Benefits Equity Amendment Act of 2019.  The legislation would require employers who offer parking benefits to offer comparable benefits to people who decline the parking benefit. The legislation is under consideration by the DC Council:

Update on Ongoing Transportation-Related Projects

TPI Committee Chair Downs updated the committee on proposed and ongoing ANC 2B transportation and public infrastructure projects:

  • Safety Assessment of the Dupont Circle Traffic Circle: ANC 2B voted to support a resolution asking DDOT to conduct a comprehensive safety assessment of the Dupont Circle traffic circle and associated intersections at its meeting on August 14, 2019.  Once finalized, a resolution letter for DDOT that will appear on the ANC’s website: documents/resolutions-letters/
  • The H and I Streets Bus Lanes Pilot Project: This DDOT pilot project, intended to expedite the movement of buses on H and I Streets, N.W., roughly between Pennsylvania Avenue and 13th Street, N.W., is currently underway.  More information about this is available here: Past action by ANC 2B on the matter: “The District Department of Transportation’s Proposed H Street and I Street NW.”
  • The 16th Street Bus Lanes Project: Under the 16th Street Bus Lanes Project, first announced in 2015, DDOT has been working  to improve bus service and reliability along the 16th Street NW corridor between H Street and Arkansas Avenue, NW, with design plans that will include peak period bus lanes, ADA accessible bus stops, enhanced passenger bus stop passenger amenities (off-board fare payment kiosks, bus shelters, etc.), signage, and pedestrian improvements. More information about the project is available here:  DDOT is scheduled to complete the 100% design plans at the end of 2019 and implementation will start in 2020. One point of discussion among the committee was the plan to include both north and south peak period bus lanes and the peak hour restrictions on parking.  TPI Chair Downs reported that he has requested additional information and data supporting this plan. He also suggested DDOT hold a public meeting to bring the public up to date on the project.  Past actions by ANC on the matter, “DDOT’s 16th Street NW Bus Lanes Project,” “DDOT’s 16th Street NW Transit Priority Planning Study.”
  • Safe Routes to Schools and Parks: In June 25, 2019,  ANC2B adopted a resolution asking DDOT to support initiatives to make it possible for children to safely walk and bike to schools and playgrounds: wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/ANC-2B-RESOLUTION-Proposed-Traffic-Safety-Improvements-Within-ANC-2B-DDOT-MPD.pdf  Commissioner Downs said that parents have expressed their desire for this project and is planning to coordinate with stakeholders to move this project forward.
  • The K St. NW Transitway: The K Street Transitway is a project that will reconfigure one of the District’s major east-west corridors, K Street, NW, with vast improvements to benefit bus riders, motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians. The District Department of Transportation (DDOT)’s goal is to efficiently accommodate multimodal travel and an exclusive transitway within the existing street right of way, as well as to incorporate streetscape and design enhancements through the heart of downtown. More information about the project is available here: Past action by ANC 2B on the matter: “Proposed Investments in a K Street NW Transitway.”
  • 17th Street NW Safety Improvements: TPI Chair Downs reviewed the ANC’s  July 18, 2018,  resolution to DDOT requesting the consideration of dozens of pedestrian, cyclist, and curbside management changes on 17th Street NW between New Hampshire Avenue and Massachusetts Avenue NW:  He reported that DDOT has yet to provide ANC 2B with any improvement proposals.