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NEWS: September “Votes of the ANC” Posted

This new blog, “Votes of the ANC” will be posted on the next day after our meeting to explain the votes that took place the night before. The language in resolutions will still be up to final review and some change may be made.  Last night at our regular ANC meeting the following votes occurred:


Approval of Minutes (August 2014)

August Regular Meeting minutes subject to technical changes – Commissioner Maltz moved to approve, seconded by Commissioner Stephens. Passed 5-0.

Public Space Use & Related Applications

Two Proposed Capital Bikeshare Stations:
(1) 18th & R Streets NW. Tabled till special meeting on September 29th.
(2) 15th and L Streets NW. Commissioner Nichols moved to support, seconded by Commissioner Stephens. Passed 7-0.

Application (#10147490) for valet staging zone at 1820 N Street NW for STK DC. Commissioner Nichols moved to support, seconded by Commissioner Stephens contingent on taking all 3 spots at SW corner of street and amending the application to going to midnight. Passed 4-2-1. Roll Call vote. In favor – Commissioner Putta, Stephens, Smith, and Maltz. Not in favor – Silverstein and Nichols. Abstain -Feldstein.

Alcohol Applications

*Note: Commissioner Silverstein chooses to recuse himself from ABRA related matters because he sits on the city ABC board.

Application for renewal of Freedom Market 1901 New Hampshire Ave NW – Commission takes no action.

Application (#096150) for new CX (multi-purpose) license for Art Soiree House at 1832 14th St NW. Commissioner Smith moved to protest on the basis of parking, peace, order, quiet and contingent on changes in the settlement agreement. Seconded by Commissioner Stephens. Passed 5-0.

Application (#094290) for substantial change of operation ans sale hours on Sidewalk Cafe license for Hilltop Hospitality, LLC (Mission) 1606 20th St NW.Commissioner Stephens moved the following resolution, seconded by Commissioner Felstein. Passed 5-0. The resolution reads as follows:

ANC 2B supports the application substantial change of the CR application, because of the applicant’s responsiveness to the community, voluntary lack of music or entertainment on patio, and no noise impact on nearest residential neighbors.

Report of ABRA Policy Committee

Nomination of Jonathan Padget, 2B02 resident for Committee membership. Commissioner Nichols would like to nominate Jonathan Padget to the committee. Commissioner Nichols moved to nominate Jonathan Padget, Seconded by Commissioner Stephens. Passed 4-0-2. Commissioners Maltz and Silverstein abstain.


Zoning Variance Applications

Application by 1740 Church Street NW (#18824). Hearing: 9/23/2014. Commissioner Maltz moved the below resolution, seconded by Commissioner Feldstein. Passed 7-0. The resolution reads as follows:

Whereas the applicants seeks zoning variance for lot occupancy on an already non-conforming structure for the purpose of constructing a rear deck,

Whereas the applicant presented letters of support from direct neighbors and a petition with 28 signatures of support from the alley;

Whereas the proposed deck will cause no loss of parking;

Whereas the proposed deck is consistent with the rest of the alley; and

Whereas the proposed deck will not negatively impact privacy or light and air quality for the direct next door neighbors.

Therefore be in RESOLVED that ANC2B supports these variances as presented.


1506 Q St NW – Motion for 30 day delay to HPRB Commissioner Nichols moved to delay, seconded by Commissioner Silverstein. Passed 7-0.


Report of Public Safety Committee

Nomination of New Members. Commissioner Putta moved to appoint several members to the new Public Safety Committee, seconded by Commissioner Stephens. Passed 5-0-1. Commissioner Silverstein abstains.


Administrative Matters

Finance/Treasurer Items Including Adoption of the FY2015 Annual Budget. Commission Stephens moved to approve FY2015 Annual Budget. Seconded by Commissioner Silverstein. Passed 6-0


*2131 N Street #14-627.- Ask HPRB/Zoning for a delay. Commissioner Smith moved to delay, seconded by Commissioner Stephens. Passed 6-0.


Adjournment (9:54pm)
Moved by Commissioner Stephens.


NEWS: Republished ANC 2B September 2014 agendas – Regular Meeting & Special Meeting

The agendas for the ANC’s September’s REGULAR & SPECIAL meetings has been re-posted and can be viewed at the following link:

September (PDF)

As always, the meeting will take place on the second Wednesday of the month — on the 10th of this month — at 7pm in the Brookings Institution building at 1775 Massachusetts Avenue, N.W.

Note: See Agenda at bottom for Special Meeting 9/29/14 7:00pm (location TBA) regarding St. Thomas Church development project