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NEWS: Public Safety Meeting

Wednesday June 20th 6:30pm The Dupont Circle Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC) is hosting a community meeting for residents and business owners to discuss public safety issues in the neighborhood. The meeting will be held at the Jewish Community Center located 1529 16th St., NW. Police and Transportation officials will be in attendance, in addition to community leaders, elected representatives, and public safety liaisons.

This is an opportunity to have your voices heard on concerns, issues, and ideas from neighborhood crime to pedestrian and bicycle safety — and for you to help inform and guide the city’s public safety agenda. It will not be an opportunity for blaming and alleging, but rather an opportunity have your concerns noted and discussed so that they can be addressed productively and collaboratively — if not at the meeting, at least in the near future.

NEWS: New Online Community Calendar

We’ve added a new “Calendar” to the ANC website.  It’s an open calendar where anyone can post events.  You do not need to subscribe or be approved.  The interface is very user-friendly, as well.  You can add descriptive text, map links, and even graphics to your event listing.

Our hope is that this new page will become the go-to public calendar for Dupont neighborhood events, meetings, hearings, and other items of interest — such as summer movie nights, Capital Pride, Taste of Dupont, community meetings, candidate forums, ANC meetings, meetings of other neighborhood groups, and more!

Just go to our website at and click on “Calendar.” [Choose “Calendar” on the above menu]

This is a very exciting development for our website, and we hope that this service will benefit the community.

NEWS: ABRA Policy Committee Meeting Cancellation

The ABRA Policy Committee hereby cancels its scheduled hearing on Thursday, May 3, at 7 p.m. at the Dupont Resource Center. As you may have heard on the local news, during the mark-up process today the Committee on Human Services (which oversees ABRA) voted 3-2 to reject the Mayor’s Proposal to Extend Alcohol Sales Hours until 3 and 4 a.m. We were trying to get your views about the extended hours in order to give feedback to the Committee before their vote on the Mayor’s Proposal. Now our hearing is moot. Thank you for your understanding!