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NEWS: ANC 2B to hear zoning applications in public committee meetings

The ANC 2B  Zoning, Preservation and Development (ZP&D) Committee welcomes the community to participate in new monthly meetings — which will include consideration of zoning-related applications.

As discussed and resolved at ANC 2B’s December 2010 public meeting, hearing zoning-related applications initially at committee meetings is intended to provide preliminary review of projects and issues, to better prepare both the commission and applicants, and to allow for recommendations to the full ANC.  Many other ANCs consider already consider applications in this manner.

The ZP&D Committee also works to help ANC 2B keep track of neighborhood and city-wide issues related to zoning, preservation, and development — including the current effort to re-write the zoning regulations, ongoing and planned transportation infrastructure projects, and more.

The Committee’s regular meeting time will be the first Tuesday of each month at 7:00pm.  The first such meeting will be Tuesday, February 1st.  Unless otherwise noted, meetings will be held in the ANC2B office within the Dupont Circle Resource Center, 9 Dupont Circle, NW.

Please join us for our next ZP&D Committee meeting!

NEWS: Commissioners, Officers, and Staff for 2011 (with contact info)

Our new 2011-2012 Commission assumed office on January 2nd, and we selected our 2011 officers at our January 12th public meeting.  We welcome back from last term 8 of 9 Commissioners, 3 of 4 officers, and our Executive Director and Public Policy Intern.  Please see below for an up-to-date list of Commissioners, officers, and staff (including contact information):

2B01 – Mike Feldstein, Vice Chair
Phone: 202-462-0647

2B02 – Kevin O’Connor
Phone: 202-709-5382

2B03 – Bob Meehan
Phone: 202-234-5151

2B04 – Jack Jacobson
Phone: 202-251-7644

2B05 – Victor Wexler
Phone: 202-745-0054

2B06 – Mike Silverstein, Treasurer
Phone: 202-833-4440

2B07 – Phil Carney, Secretary
Phone: 202-462-2776

2B08 – Will Stephens, Chair
Phone: 202-527-9522

2B09 – Ramon Estrada
Phone: 202-412-9434

Freddie Blicher, Executive Director

Justin Queirolo, Desi Deschaine Memorial Public Policy Intern

This information is also available on our “About Us” page under “Commissioners & Staff”:

We look forward to serving the neighborhood together!

NEWS: ANC 2B seeks candidates for Community Involvement Internship

The Dupont Circle ANC (2B) is seeking candidates for our Community Involvement Internship!

The Community Involvement Intern will:

  • Collaborate with neighborhood non-profits, schools, community organizations, and local government officials;
  • Plan and organize community-building neighborhood events around music, art, science, theater, and sports;
  • Develop press and social media strategies for the ANC to better communicate with the community;

…and much more!

Please contact Vice Chair Mike Feldstein ( and Chair Will Stephens ( if you are interested.

Here is a link to a PDF flyer about the internship that can be printed and shared.  Please help us publicize this opening!

Thank you!

NEWS: ANC 2B seeks your comments on our Public Space Guidelines

ANC 2B is in the process of revising and updating our 1997 Public Space Guidelines, which assist us in guiding our consideration of applications for public space — namely sidewalk cafes.  Our ABRA Policy Committee has published a working draft and seeks public comment.  A link to the 1997 guidelines and a link to the working draft are below:

ANC 2B Public Space Guidelines (1997)

ANC 2B Proposed Revised Public Space Guidelines (December 2010)

You may comment below or write to Ramon Estrada (, chair of our ABRA Policy Committee.

Thank you for your input!