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NEWS: St. Thomas Parish Cancels New Church Plan

The ANC in 2010 voted to support the plans of St. Thomas Church to expand its church facility with new construction.  The InTowner reports that these plans have been canceled:

NEWS: Bicycle Safety Meeting 9/27/12

Day/Time: September 27 from 7:00pm-9:00pm

Location:  The Chastleton Ballroom, 1701 16th St., NW (corner of 16th & R)

The Dupont Circle and Logan Circle Advisory Neighborhood Commissions (ANC) jointly announce a public meeting for residents, business owners and organizations to discuss bicycle safety issues in the community.  With biking for transit expanding rapidly in our community, many issues, concerns, and questions have arisen.  Some topics for discussion are:

  • The District’s plans to make DC more bike/pedestrian-friendly; any plans or ideas for the Dupont-Logan area and its residents.
  • The laws/rules about street/sidewalk biking; consequences for those who break them.  Whether any of these laws/rules should be revised or updated by the City Council.
  • New bike lanes:  Where/when are they coming and where else are they needed.  Tips for dealing with the new 2-way bike lanes for bikers, drivers, and pedestrians.   Also, bike parking.

After hearing strong concerns about road safety at a public listening session on in June, the Dupont and Logan Circle communities are working together to discuss these and any other issues that residents wish to bring up.  At this meeting, District transportation and police officials will be in attendance, in addition to community leaders and bicycling experts.  The Dupont Circle Citizens Association, the Logan Circle Citizens Association, and the Urban Neighborhood Alliance are partnering with the ANC’s on this important community listening and education session.

This is an opportunity to have your voices heard on bicycle safety concerns whether you’re a daily or occasional biker, a pedestrian, or a driver.  The meeting will be a guided discussion  to help inform and guide the city’s public safety agenda so that your bicycle safety concerns can be addressed productively and collaboratively — if not at the meeting, at least in the near future.

We hope to see you and hear from you and your neighbors at the meeting.

Kishan Putta (Dupont)

Noah Smith (Dupont)

Chris Linn (Logan)

Public Safety Liaisons

NEWS: No Zoning, Preservation & Development Committee Meeting Tonight

Please note that there will NOT be a Zoning, Preservation & Development (ZPD) committee meeting tonight, due to the holiday weekend.

Our default meeting time, day, and location for the ZPD Committee is First Tuesday of the month at 7:00pm at the Dupont Circle Resource Center (9 Dupont Circle NW).

NEWS: DDOT Shares Materials on Traffic Plans Surrounding 14th & U Projects

On August 18, 2012, the Department of Transportation’s Public Space office held a public meeting at the Reeves Center to discuss the traffic management and public space use plans related to the large number of construction and development projects near to 14th and U Streets NW.

Below are the follow-up documents that DDOT shared after the meeting, including traffic management proposals and comments.

Memo Regarding Traffic Control Plan, 14th & Wallach

Letter to DDOT Requesting Extended Hours 08-23-2012 Signed

Traffic Contol sheets


For questions please contact Bernadette Edwards at DDOT:

Bernadette Edwards
Customer Service Manager
Public Space Regulations Administration
1100 4th St., S.W., Suite E-360
Washington, D.C.  20024
(202) 535-2982 (Office)

NEWS: New Draft Signage Regulations

The D.C. Government has released proposed, consolidated regulations on signage in the District.  Below is the public notice that ANC Commissioners received:

On Friday, August 17, the District of Columbia released the proposed rules for the display or posting of a wide range of outdoor signs in the District.  The publication of the newly re-organized and simplified draft regulations is the result of an extensive multi-agency effort, initiated by Mayor Vincent C. Gray, to simplify and provide greater clarity to the existing complex and arcane sign rules.  Mayor Vincent C. Gray stated that “It is anticipated that all stakeholders, whether in private industry or the general public, will benefit from these new simplified regulations.”

The proposed regulations consolidate all of the District’s rules pertaining to outdoor signage in one section of the District’s Municipal Regulations.  The regulations also state the rules for posting and, if necessary, obtaining a permit to post signs.  Title 13 of the DC Municipal Regulations (DCMR), where the new regulations will be located, is organized so that rules that address specific types of outdoor signage are grouped in the same chapter.  For example, regulations regarding signs on public space are in their own chapter, separate from the chapter for signs on private property.  Finally, for each type of sign requiring a permit it is clearly indicated which agencies will be involved in the submission, review, approval and permit issuance process as well as which agency will be responsible for enforcement of the regulations.

The draft regulations can be found on the DC Register’s website and will be available for public comment for the next 60 days.

Comments may be submitted in writing to Alice Kelly, Manager, Policy Branch, Policy, Planning and Sustainability Administration, District Department of Transportation, 55 M Street, S.E., 5th Floor, Washington, DC 20003 or emailed to

For additional information please contact Alice Kelly at (202) 671-2252 or