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NEWS: Zoning, Preservation & Development Committee Meeting 4/2/13

Meeting of the Zoning, Preservation, and Development Committee
Tuesday, April 2, 7:00pm @ the Dupont Circle Resource Center (9 Dupont Circle NW)

(1) Brief update on Dupont Underground project
(2) Application to HPRB for 1216 18th St NW (HPA #13-212) (future location of Guitar Bar) for rooftop deck and concealment of mechanical equipment
(3) Application for 2123 Twining Court (former location of Omega nightclub) for roofdeck as part of conversion to residential use
(4) Application to HPRB for 1412 T Street for construction on vacant lot
(5) Proposed comments on the Office of Planning’s “Historic Preservation 2016” plan (link available here)

NEWS: Historic Preservation Office seeking comment on draft “Preservation Plan 2016”

The Historic Preservation Office (HPO) is seeking public comment by April 30, 2013on their draft “Historic Preservation Plan 2016 – Enriching Our Heritage.”  The HPO’s press release is available here.  The draft preservation plan itself is available here.



NEWS: ZPD Committe Meeting 3/5/13

ANC2B’s Zoning, Preservation, and Development Committee will be meeting Tuesday, March 5th from 7:00pm until 8:00pm at the Dupont Circle Resource Center to discuss two pending applications:

Application to Historic Preservation Review Board (HPRB) for concept design approval for rear addition to three story rowhouse at 1823 S Street NW to enable four condo units. (2B01)

Application to Board of Zoning Adjustment (BZA) for zoning variance at 1726 18th Street NW. (2B01)

NEWS: ANC Publishes Annual Report for Fiscal Year 2012

At its January 2013 meeting, the ANC approved the FY 2012 Annual Report submitted by Chairman Will Stephens.  The annual report provides a snapshot of the activities of the ANC from October 2011 through September 2012 — including votes taken, issues discussed, achievements, personnel, staff, and finances.

Particularly interesting are the statistics showing how the ANC voted on regulatory applications (alcohol, public space, zoning, historic preservation) over the course of the year.

DC law requires ANCs to submit annual reports to the Council each year.  At minimum, these required reports must include a breakdown of the ANCs finances and key activities and votes.  The Dupont Circle ANC has in recent years generated annual reports that are meant to serve a broader audience — including new and old residents, businesses, other ANCs, and other community stakeholders.  It is intended to be attractive and easy to read, in addition to being informative.

You can find the FY 2012 Annual Report on our Annual Reports page, along with reports going back to 1976, the first year of the ANCs.

In addition, a PDF of the new FY 2012 Annual Report is available here: FY2012-AnnualReport-FINAL(1-9-2013).