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Board of Elections Announces Process for Filling the ANC’s Vacancy for District 2B04

Following the retirement of former Commissioner Michael Upright, last Friday the DC Board of Elections published the process for filling the vacancy for district 2B04 in the DC Register. Any resident of district 2B04, a map of which can be found here, who has an interest in running for the vacant seat can visit the Board of Elections at 441 4th Street NW, Suite 250 North to pick up petitions to run for the seat. Residents must collect the signatures of at least 25 voters registered in district 2B04 in order to run for the seat. The beginning of the petition pick-up period was on Monday, January 9th, and the completed petitions are due back to the Board of Elections by Monday, January 30th.

Following the submission period for the petitions, there will be a challenge period from Thursday, February 2nd to Wednesday, February 8th where residents will have the ability to challenge individual signatures on a candidate’s petitions. If only one candidate completes the challenge period, that candidate will become the new commissioner for district 2B04. If more than one candidate completes the challenge period, a special election will be held at an upcoming ANC meeting to elect the new commissioner.

A copy of the vacancy notice that was published in the DC Register can be found here. For more information about this election process, please call the Board of Elections at (202) 727-2525.

ANC 2B Announces Election of Amy Johnson for 2B01

Headshot_JohnsonAmyAdvisory Neighborhood Commission 2B is pleased to announce that Amy Johnson has been elected as the next commissioner for single member district 2B01. Amy is filling the vacancy created by the passing of former Commissioner Michael Feldstein. After the end of the public review period for the signatures Amy submitted, the Board of Elections announced yesterday that Amy will officially be a commissioner for ANC 2B and she was sworn-in by Ward 2 Councilmember Jack Evans earlier today.

Amy is an international and community development consultant with 25 years of experience working to strengthen communities in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Central America, Eastern Europe, the Pacific Islands, and South America, as well as in the U.S. Amy has held leadership positions in the federal government and in non-profit organizations, and has also served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Belize, supporting the strengthening of operations and programming of the local YWCA.

When she is not working with clients, you may find Amy at Yoga District, Glen’s Garden Market, the Dupont Farmer’s Market, or volunteering for international exchange programs that offer young professionals an opportunity to enhance their global education.

Amy holds a Master’s degree in Intercultural Communication from the University of Pennsylvania and a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from the University of Delaware. She is delighted to be representing district 2B01 as Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner and looks forward to working closely with the Dupont Circle community.

NEWS: Special Election for 2B07 Commissioner to be Held on October 14, 2015

The Dupont Circle ANC announces the date, time, location and process for voting in a special election to fill a vacancy for the 2B07 Commissioner. You can check whether you live in 2B07 by reviewing our map, HERE.

The election will be held during the regularly scheduled monthly meeting of ANC 2B on Wednesday, October 14, 2015 from 7:15pm to 9:00pm.  The meeting will be held at the Brookings Institution at 1775 Massachusetts Ave NW.

Eligibility to Vote:  The election will be open to registered voters of SMD 2B07 only.  Potential voters must present themselves at the polling place and must have either a BOEE voter identification card showing that they are registered to vote in SMD 2B07 or be listed as a voter in SMD 2B07 on the voter registration list provided by the Board of Elections and Ethics (BOEE).

The two candidates will appear on the ballot in the following order:

  • Holly Biglow
  • John Kupcinski

Information on the process for voting and counting ballots, which is provided by the Board of Elections, is available below.

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NEWS: Vacancy Announced for ANC 2B07

Commissioner Underhill announced resignation earlier this month. Opportunity for 2B07 resident to fill seat through the end of 2016. 

Earlier this month Commissioner Justine Underhill announced her resignation from the Dupont Circle ANC to pursue a career opportunity outside of Washington. On July 17, the Board of Elections certified a vacancy for single member district 2B07 and today we are seeking a committed and enthusiastic resident of 2B07 to fill that position.

The 2B07 commissioner represents the areas immediately east and southeast of the circle; a map of each of the single member districts is available HERE.

Those interested in seeking election to the seat must pick up petitions from the Board of Elections starting on Monday and get 25 signatures of registered voters who live in 2B07 by August 10th. There will then be a petition challenge period from August 13-19 to ensure that the signatures are from valid residents.

If there is more than one candidate who successfully files petitions, there will be a special election announced for either September or October. If there is only one candidate, that person will be certified as the Commissioner for 2B07. (If there are no candidates, the petition process starts over again).

Commissioner Underhill has been invaluable in bringing the neighborhood together around issues big and small, including the ongoing development process of the St. Thomas Church property at 1772 Church St. The 2B07 commissioner also leads the ANC response to all applications for that district, including alcohol licensing, historic preservation and zoning cases. ANC commissioners are non-partisan and unpaid elected representatives who ensure that the voice of the neighborhood is heard in city decisions.

If you have any questions about running for election or what the position involves, please do not hesitate to contact ANC Chair Noah Smith at

BLOG: Formal retirement as Chair of ANC 2B

As announced in this blog posting from July 2014 and at the regular August 2014 meeting of the ANC, I’m retiring from the position of Chair as of today, September 9th, in advance of retiring from the ANC at the end of the calendar year — so that other Commissioners can get experience managing the organization and be better prepared for the next term of the ANC.  Many thanks to those of you who had kind words to share after I made the announcement!

In accordance with the ANC’s by-laws, Vice Chair Noah Smith will serve as acting chair as of today.  In addition, we will need to fill this vacancy in the chair position at the next regular public meeting, which is tomorrow, September 10, 2014.  This will be the first order of business on our agenda, after calling the meeting to order.

NEWS: At-Large Candidates Forum – this Thursday 3/28/13 at 7:00pm

ANC 2B will be co-hosting a candidates forum for the special election for At-Large Council seat, along with the Dupont Circle Citizens Association and the Foggy Bottom Association.  The forum will be this Thursday, March 28th at 7:00pm at the American Cardiological College — the “Heart House” — located at 24th and N Streets, N.W.

The moderators will be Tom Sherwood and Mark Segraves.  Six of the seven candidates have already confirmed.

Please join us for this important event, and please mark your calendars for the special election on Tuesday, April 23rd.

NEWS: Abigail Nichols wins special election for Single Member District 2B05 seat

The ANC hosted a special election last night for the vacant 2B05 seat between candidates Dito Sevilla and Abigail Nichols.  The certified winner was Abigail Nichols.   The ANC has forwarded the attached 2B05 Special Election Certification to the Board of Elections and Ethics for formal approval.  Once the BoEE approves, Commissioner-elect Nichols will be sworn in by Ward 2 Council Member Jack Evans, and she will join the ANC for our April public meeting.

Many thanks to all from 2B05 who came out to vote, and also to Gottlieb Simon and his staff from the Office of ANCs for managing the special election.  Congratulations, as well, to both candidates for a respectful race.


NEWS: Special election to fill 2B05 vacancy

There will be a special election to fill the vacancy for Commissioner for the Single Member District (SMD) 2B05.  The special election will take place at the ANC’s March 13, 2013 public meeting.

At the ANC’s February public meeting, the Commission voted on the rules of the special election.:

  • The polls will be open from 7:15pm until 9:30pm.
  • The election manager will be Gottlieb Simon of the Office of ANCS.  Mr. Simon has managed many special ANC elections over the years.
  • By coin toss, candidate Dito Sevilla will be first on the ballot, and candidate Abigail Nichols will be second on the ballot.

The winner will be determined immediately after the close of the ballot box, and the ANC will confirm the winner by vote.   The full special election procedures as approved by the ANC are enclosed here: Special Election Rules 2B05 (PDF)

NEWS: ANC 2B Inauguration and Cocktail Party

The new Commission was sworn in January 2, 2013 by Council Member Jack Evans at the Washington Convention Center.  That evening, Commissioners past and present from Dupont Circle joined together for a cocktail reception at Black Fox Lounge.  Now-retired Commissioner Phil Carney took photos at the event:

NEWS: Election of ANC 2B Candidates

Many thanks go out to everyone who voted, signed or circulated petitions, volunteered, campaigned, ran, or otherwise participated in this year’s November elections for ANC 2B.  The following candidates were elected:

2B01 – Mike Feldstein

2B02 – Kevin O’Connor

2B03 – Stephanie Maltz

2B04 – Kishan Putta

2B05 – Victor Wexler*

2B06 – Mike Silverstein

2B07 – Leo Dwyer

2B08 – Will Stephens

2B09 – Noah Smith

* Note: 2B05 candidate Victor Wexler withdrew his candidacy after the ballots were printed.  Because he carried the most votes, the Board of Elections and Ethics, in coordination with the Office of ANCs, will be scheduling a special election in early 2013.