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NEWS: ANC 2B considering new grants policies/procedures

The ANC will be considering a new set of policies and procedures for providing grants.  In recent years, the ANC has provided grants on an ad hoc basis, and the draft policies and procedures would formalize and normalize how the ANC considers grants.

The new DRAFT grants policies and procedures are available here.  We welcome your comments and feedback.

The ANC’s Community Involvement Committee will be considering the grants program in mid-April, and the full ANC most likely in May.

NEWS: ANC 2B Considering a Grant-Giving Process

For some time, Dupont Circle ANC has discussed the possibility of having a grant-giving process, which the ANC had from the 1980s until the early 1990s.  The ANC’s Community Involvement Committee has had two public meetings on the idea, and also did research on the rules applicable by DC statute, as well as what other ANCs do to consider and manage grants.

Enclosed here is a paper put together by Community Involvement Committee Chair Mike Feldstein that discusses the statutory background, what other ANCs do, and the discussions to date at the Committee meetings.