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October 7th ZPD and St. Thomas Development Public Input Meeting

The October 7th Zoning, Preservation, and Development Meeting of ANC 2B will be held in the West Wing meeting room of the Embassy Row Hotel at 2015 Massachusetts Ave NW. The meeting will begin at 7PM and consider three regulatory applications as well as a public input meeting on the development at 1772 Church St NW.

Regulatory Agenda 7:00PM-7:30PM

1600 I St NW / 888 16th Street NW (Motion Picture Association of America) Applications to the a) Historic Preservation Review Board (HPRB) and a) the Board of Zoning Adjustment (BZA):

a) HPRB Application No. 15-575, A noncontributing structure, Historic Preservation Review Board (Hearing Scheduled for October 22 (or 29 overflow))
b) BZA Case 19122 (i) to allow an increase of an existing, and (ii) to allow a portion of an existing roof structure to be devoted to enclosed communal amenity space that is to an outdoor roof terrace, to allow the renovation and expansion of the existing office building on the Subject Property in the SP-2 District.

1415 22nd St NW, Commission of Fine Arts Review

1514 Q St NW, Historic Preservation review of rear addition

1325 21st Street NW rear addition HPRB # 15-632 Note: delayed to November agenda at applicant’s request

Public Input Meeting 7:30-9:00PM

Following HPRB’s review of the St Thomas Church development at 1772 Church Street NW, the applicant applied for a zoning variance. When the applicant applied for a zoning variance, the ANC convened a small group of neighbors, the developer, the church, and the ANC to discuss reaching a memorandum of understanding regarding the construction and operational impacts of the development. The public input meeting is to engage the broader community on concerns and items for consideration. Committee members will be at the drop-in meeting to hear concerns in small groups.

If you have any questions before the meeting, please reach out to Commissioner Daniel Warwick.

Listed below are items the committee has already brainstormed for consideration.

Pre-construction Items:

  • Transportation Analysis
    • Trip Generation Study
    • Alley Width/Configuration
    • Alley Management Plan
  • Arborist Assessment (Street Trees)
  • Existing Conditions Survey
    • Neighboring Homes
    • Settlement Monitoring
  • Construction Staging Plan
    • Sequencing of Church/Residential Construction
    • Sidewalk/Alley/Roadway Restrictions
    • Overall Project Schedule

Construction Items:

  • Point of Contact Identification
  • Hours of Construction
  • Rodent Control
  • General Liability Insurance
  • Neighboring Property Surveys
  • Maintenance Reimbursements
  • Environmental Remediation
  • Alley and Parking Access
    • Notice of Closure
    • Parking Reimbursement
  • Construction Dust Mitigation
  • Construction Worker Parking
  • Alley Resurfacing

Operational Items:

  • Public & Private Outdoor Space
    • Usage
    • Noise Controls
    • Light Controls
    • Privacy
  • Trash Collection
  • Loading Zone Operations
  • Rear Door Access/Restrictions
  • Property Management Contact Identification
  • Community Utilization of Facilities
    • Meeting Space
    • Parking
  • Secondary Church Functions
    • Funerals
    • Weddings
    • Special Events
    • Potential Future Uses
  • MOU Specific Items
    • Effect of Agreement
    • Enforcement
    • Modifications

NEWS: ANC 2B August “Resolution Letters by Month” posted

The following letters that were transmitted to D.C. government agencies as the result of ANC actions at the Commission’s June meeting have been uploaded and posted for public viewing:.

August 2015

1731 New Hampshire Ave NW (BZA)

1103 19th St NW – DC Pizza (ABRA)

1120 19th St NW – Olivia’s Diner (DDOT)

1215 Connecticut Ave NW – &Pizza (DDOT)

1528 Connecticut Ave NW – Beefsteak (DDOT)

1637 17th St NW – Dupont Italian Kitchen (ABRA)

1750 H Street NW (Public Space)

1926 14th St NW – Tico (ABRA)

Friends of Stead Park activities (DPR)

Urging DDOT to Monitor Traffic Pattern Changes for Construction at 15 Dupont Circle NW (DDOT)

NEWS: March “Votes of the ANC” blog posted

This new blog, “Votes of the ANC” will be posted on the day after our monthly meeting to explain the votes that took place the night before. The language in resolutions will still be up to final review and some changes may be made.  Last night at our regular ANC meeting the following votes occurred:


Meeting Minutes

Approval of Februry 2015 Meeting Minutes
Commissioner Upright moved to approve, seconded by Commissioner Nichols. Passed 8-0.


General Agenda Items

Commander Michael Reese Retirement Award
Commissioner Silverstein moved to approve, seconded by Commissioner Smith. Passed 8-0.

Request for Support of an Alley Mural on the 1500 Block of U St NW (2B09)
Commissioner Smith moved to approve, seconded by Commissioner Upright. Passed 9-0.

Alley Mural at 1610 U St NW (2B08)
Commissioner Mann moved to approve, seconded by Commissioner Smith. Passed 7-1-1.


Alcoholic Beverage Control Agenda

*Note: Commissioner Silverstein chooses to recuse himself from ABRA related matters because he sits on the city ABC board.

Request by The Mediterranean Way Gourmet Market at 1717 Connecticut Ave NW for a stipulated license for a Class B Beer and Wine license. Hour of sales is 10am to 10pm seven days a week. (2B01)
Commissioner Feldstein moved to approve, seconded by Commissioner Warwick. Passed 8-0.

Request by Parlay at 1827 M St NW (#097074) for Approval of Stipulated License for additional hours for which they had previously applied. (2B06) (10 mins)
Commissioner Smith moved to approve, seconded by Commissioner Upright. Passed 8-0.

Request by Look at 1909 K St NW for substantial change to its license to change from a Class “C” Restaurant to a Class “C” Tavern. Hours of operation, sales, entertainment and sidewalk cafe operations will remain the same as below. (2B06) (10 mins)
Commissioner Smith moved to protest based on peace, order, and quiet. Seconded by Commissioner Warwick. Passed 8-0.


DDOT Public Space Committee Applications 

Public Space Permit application #10177129 for New Sidewalk Cafe Un-Enclosed at 1924 14th St NW – The Wydown (2B09) (10 mins)
Commissioner Smith moved to approve, seconded by Commissioner Silverstein. Passed 6-3.
Amendment 8-1-0.
The resolution reads as follows:

Whereas the Wydown at 1924 14th St NW has applied for a sidewalk cafe occupancy permit;

Whereas the street-scape on the sidewalk of the 1900 block of 14th St. NW, including very large tree boxes, does not provide substantial space for both a sidewalk café and pedestrian right-of-way;

Whereas ANC 2B’s published Public Space Guidelines call for at least ten feet of open pedestrian space on all sidewalks, but also that each application should be reviewed on a case-by-case basis;

Whereas the Wydown has proven to be a good neighbor, willing to find a solution that works for all parties, and there is significant public benefit in supporting outdoor seating on this block, where there is nearly none; and

There are several successful and not successful examples of sidewalk cafes on 14th St. that allow less than ten feet of pedestrian sidewalk space.

Therefore be it RESOLVED that ANC 2B supports this public space application if the plans are redesigned and resubmitted to allow at least eight (8) feet of pedestrian clearance on the sidewalk.


Historic Preservation & Zoning Applications 

Zoning variance application (#18951) for construction of a rear deck at 1534 Swann St NW (2B09)
Commissioner Warwick moved to approve, seconded by Commissioner Upright. Passed 9-0.

Rehearing of Historic Preservation Review for St. Thomas Church Development, 1772 Church St NW (2B07) (40 mins)

1. Presentation of new designs by CAS Reigler and St. Thomas Church
2. Questions and comments from Commissioners
3. Questions and comments from the public
4. Vote on resolution

Commissioner Underhill moved to approve, seconded by Commissioner Warwick. Passed 7-0-2. The resolution reads as follows:

Whereas St. Thomas’ Parish Episcopal Church proposes to build a church at the intersection of 18th and Church Streets, NW, and developer CAS Riegler proposes to build a residential building facing Church Street at 1772 Church Street, NW;

Whereas, ANC 2B values the contributions St. Thomas’ Parish has made to the community;

Whereas, ANC 2B respects St. Thomas’ right to use the land at 1772 Church Street, NW for religious purposes without undue economic burden;

Whereas, 1772 Church Street, NW is included in the Dupont Circle Overlay District, the purpose of which is, among other things, to preserve and enhance the unique low scale, predominately residential and historic character, and independent small retail businesses of Dupont Circle, given the high-density development pressures caused by its proximity to the Central Employment Area and the Dupont Circle Metrorail Station;

Whereas, 1772 Church Street, NW is included in the Dupont Circle Historic District, and as such has protections to assure that alterations of existing structures are compatible with the character of the historic district, and to assure that new construction and subdivision of lots in an historic district are compatible with the character of the historic district;

Whereas the historic district and historic overlay designation supersedes the underlying zoning and may result in a development unable to maximize the height and density allowed by the underlying zoning;

Whereas at the HPRB hearing on October 2, 2014, HPRB members expressed concerns about both the church and residential components of the project as presented; and HPRB remanded the project with recommendations of changes needed to remedy deficiencies before submitting revised plans for its review;

Whereas ANC 2B believes changes made after the October 2, 2014 HPRB meeting do not adequately address concerns raised in the prior review by HPRB, including:
· HPRB’s finding that the residential building’s height, mass, and architectural character should be significantly redesigned to be more residential in character;
· HPRB’s finding that significant further design work was needed to improve the church’s relationship to the historic district;

Whereas the changes since previous concept design has pushed massing towards the public alley rather than re-conceptualizing the design;

Whereas the residential design as presented on March 4th, 2015 at the ANC 2B Zoning, Preservation, and Development Committee meeting would be supportable if the residential component in height or bulk were compatible with the historic character and texture of the Dupont Circle neighborhood and in particular with the 1700 block of Church Street, NW;

Whereas many residents of the Dupont Circle neighborhood have expressed opinions that the designs of the two structures do not relate as well to the street as other buildings in the historic district, lack pedestrian-scale detailing, interfere with sight lines and maintain a horizontal and “boxy” appearance;

Therefore, be it RESOLVED that ANC 2B recommends that the Historic Preservation Review Board find the proposal compatible with the Dupont Circle Historic District if and only if the following is met:

Design and materials
•Alterations are made to the exterior design so that the corrugation of the Church Street buildings’ facades and the rhythm of the Church Street buildings’ roof lines are in scale with the surrounding buildings. In particular, design changes should be made to draw the eye more toward the church component of the project and to reduce the visual impact of the residential component;

•Alterations are made to make the church and residential exterior, materials and design more compatible with the historic character and scale of the neighborhood, representative of the remaining low density residential townhomes and buildings as intended by the letter and the spirit of the Dupont Circle Overlay. ANC 2B finds that the buildings are too angular, too symmetrical and lack architectural character that would enable the buildings to blend into the neighborhood, particularly in relation to Church Street.

Amendment to delete paragraph.
Commissioner Feldstein moved to support, seconded by Commissioner Silverstein. Failed 2-7.

•While ANC 2B does believe that a more modern and varied design could be compatible in the neighborhood, the church and residential designs as they stand today need additional architectural features that echo the neighborhood’s features, as illustrated by some of the buildings shown on page A-4 of the March 4, 2015 proposal. In particular, the articulation of the residential bays should be a more dramatic 4-5 feet offset to articulate the bays. The small, dark window panes throughout the residential component do not echo the rhythm of the street. With respect to the church, the horizontal terra cotta panels conflict with the vertical design elements and the campanile is strongly vertical, but is clad in short horizontal pieces, which is visually incongruent.

Massing and impact
•The residential building seen from adjacent at-grade vantage points including the entirety of Church Street, P Street, 18th Street, and the public alley between Church and P Streets be between 40 and 59 feet tall, including mechanicals, and maintain existing setbacks. This should be confirmed by a series of flag tests before substantial construction; ANC 2B understands this requirement may result in the reduction of total square footage of the residential component of the building and we encourage HPRB to limit the massing on the alley side;

•The project team considers a small setback, permanent easement, or other traffic circulation solution on the alley between the parking garage entrance and 18th Street to enhance mobility of alley users, more easily accommodate two-way traffic, and ameliorate congestion caused by the 33 new parking spaces, the purpose of which is to further enable the free circulation of vehicles and pedestrians through the public alley;

Future collaboration
•A committee led by ANC 2B—including neighbors, St. Thomas, the project team, and DCCA—continues to engage in proactively addressing zoning and quality-of-life related matters prior to a zoning hearing;

•The project team submits a study of the effects on traffic and congestion, both on the 1700 block of Church Street, NW and in the alley between that block and the 1700 block of P Street, NW, and develops strategies to ameliorate any negative impact prior to a zoning hearing;

•The project team hires a professional arborist and submits plans to the ANC and HPRB that include methods to protect and preserve existing trees to the extent possible and, where not possible, to replace them;

Be it further RESOLVED that ANC 2B supports treating this project as including two separate structures, each of which is subject to the requirements of DC law and policy and each of which should comply with the letter and the spirit of historic preservation, zoning, and zoning overlay provisions.


NEWS: ANC 2B to Host City and PEPCO on January 14 to Discuss Recent Power Outage

At its regular monthly meeting on January 14th at 7:00 pm at the Brookings Institution (1775 Massachusetts Ave NW) the Dupont Circle ANC will host Ward 2 Councilmember Jack Evans, and representatives from the Mayor’s Office and PEPCO to discuss the response to the recent neighborhood-wide power outages.

On January 6th an underground cable fault occurred shortly before 7 a.m. near 18th and Corcoran streets, NW.  That affected three underground feeders and led to power outages for approximately 6,100 customers. At first, customers were told power would be restored before noon. That assessment was incorrect, but residents made plans without proper information, and some were stranded in unheated homes in sub-freezing temperatures. By nightfall, a warming center had been set up in Petworth, but it was more than 2 miles away, and many residents did not learn about it until after dark. Many did not feel safe leaving their homes to walk icy sidewalks with no street lights.
Above all, our neighbors did not receive enough timely and accurate information to make proper decisions about their own health and safety. While the ANC fully understands that infrastructure breaks down and that it can be difficult to diagnosis and fix the problem, our concern here is about how we respond to such emergencies. What went wrong here, what can we learn from that, and what steps can we take now to improve our communications systems so that future emergencies are better managed?

At the same meeting, four new Commissioners and five returning Commissioners will be sworn in by Mr. Evans and the ANC will discuss a range of regulatory applications as well as their 2015 goals. The full agenda, which will be updated on Sunday, is available HERE.

NEWS: ANC 2B January 2015 Regular Meeting Agenda

The agenda for the ANC’s January meeting has been posted and can be viewed at the following link:

January 2015 Meeting Agenda

As always, the meeting will take place on the second Wednesday of the month — on the 14th of this month — at 7pm in the Brookings Institution building at 1775 Massachusetts Avenue, N.W.