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NEWS: March 2014 Resolution Letters Posted

The following letters that were transmitted to D.C. government agencies as the result of ANC actions at the Commission’s March meeting have been uploaded and posted for public viewing:.

March 2014

15 Dupont Circle (Patterson Mansion)

(BZA) 18th Street Lounge (ABRA)

1815 Riggs Place (HPRB)

Dupont Circle-SW Waterfront Circulator Route (General)

G Street Food (ABRA)

Glen’s Garden Market (Public Space)

Joe’s Seafood (Public Space)

Kabin Group (Public Space)

Supporting full modernization of Garrison School (General)


These letters can also be viewed on the “Resolution Letters by Month” page of the ANC website, along with other letters sent on behalf of the Commission in previous months.

NEWS: March 2014 ABRA Policy Committee Meeting Agenda

Agenda for the March 19, 2014 Meeting of the ABRA Policy Committee

  • Debrief: Thoughts/Next Steps from the March 10, 2014 Public Safety Meeting
  • Discussion of Councilmember Graham’s “ABC Establishment Promoter Licensing Act of 2014”
  • Protest Updates
    • Bistro Bistro (2B01)
    • Midtown (2B05)
    • Dirty Martini (2B05)
    • Rose Bar (2B05)
    • Public Bar (2B06)
    • 18th St Lounge (2B06)
    • Bar Code (2B05)
    • Chi-Cha Lounge (2B08)

NEWS: February 2014 Make-Up meeting “Votes of the ANC”

This new blog, “Votes of the ANC” will be posted on the next day after our meeting to explain the votes that took place the night before. The language in resolutions will still be up to final review and some change may be made.  Last night at our monthly ANC meeting the following votes occurred:

Alcohol Applications

1. Approval of January 2014 regular meeting minutes. Passed 7-0.

2. Consideration to drop ANC2B protest of license renewal application for the Fireplace. Passed 7-0.

3. New Application for CR license for Tico restaurant serving Mexican food. Passed 6-0.

Transportation Items

4. Proposed resolution on “Circulator” Bus recommendations. Passed 8-0.

5. Resolution on improvements to 16th Street bus corridor. Passed 6-0-1. The resolution reads as follows:

WHEREAS the Dupont Circle Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC 2B) has received many comments from residents expressing concerns about the 16th Street NW bus lines (S1, S2, S4, S9), which have the most riders of any route in the District and region at more than 21,000 weekday riders;

WHEREAS the number of weekday bus riders has increased by 25% over five years and today buses carry more than half of all travelers in the corridor during rush hour.

WHEREAS most resident comments express concern about overcrowding and delayed commutes during peak periods;

WHEREAS WMATA and D.C. Department of Transportation (DDOT) conducted a comprehensive evaluation of improvements summarized in the Metrobus 16th Street NW Line Study published in 2009;

WHEREAS WMATA has implemented some of the study’s recommendations, most notably the S9 limited-stop service in 2010, a short-turn peak-hour service after ANC 2B’s urging in 2013, and moving toward hiring more street-level supervisors after more recent urging by individual ANC 2B commissioners.

WHEREAS DDOT followed up the 2009 report by conducting a 16th Street NW Safety and Mobility study completed in April 2013, which identified the best way to meet mobility and community needs as – peak-hour peak-direction transit lanes from Arkansas Avenue NW to H Street NW – and also recommended pedestrian safety improvements at several intersections;

WHEREAS the DDOT 2013 report estimated that implementing peak-hour dedicated bus lanes on 16th Street with current bus supplies would shorten transit riders’ commute times by 30 percent and also increase allow buses to carry 10 percent more people (because they can be refilled quicker).

WHEREAS More study needs to be done by Ddot including public outreach, and further analysis of the implementation and operation of the recommended peak-hour transit lane option;

BE IT RESOLVED that the Commission recommends the expedition of necessary studies and implementation of the outstanding recommendations in 2009 Metrobus 16th Street NW Safety & Mobility report to improve mobility, safety and transit service for 16th NW, and meet the growing demand for travel in the corridor. Specifically, the Commission recommends that DDOT and WMATA:

1) Expedite necessary studies, impact analyses, and modeling to assess and potentially implement the peak-period transit lanes

2) In the near-term, allocate new buses and higher capacity buses to the short-turn route during peak hour to reduce severe overcrowding;

3) Continue to hire, train, and deploy additional supervisors to improve performance;

4) Implement signal prioritization and recommended traffic operations improvements such as queue jumps.

5) Implement recommended pedestrian safety improvements, in consultation with the District’s Pedestrian Advisory Council.

Public Space Applications

6. Fresh Farm Markets request for letter of support for the “White House” Farmers Market on Vermont Ave NW. Passed 8-0.

7.Application (Tracking #10125949) for valet staging area for Al Tiramisu (2014 P St NW). Passed 8-0.

8.Application #10128907 for valet staging area for Joe’s Seafood, Prime Steak and Stone Crab, 740 15th Street NW. Passed 8-0.

9.Application #10126077 for 2 parking spaces for use for valet staging area (6:30pm to 12:00am Thu) Barcode, 1101 17th Street NW. Passed 8-0. The resolution reads as follows:

Whereas, new infrastructure, namely the L Street bike lane, was installed after the current valet parking permit was issued, creating a new obstruction through no fault of the applicant;

Whereas, the current application from BarCode does not accurately reflect the parking situation, i.e., there is no acknowledgement of the new turning lane at the curb and the adjacent bike lane.

Whereas, the establishment’s existing valet parking arrangements do not reflect the new bike lane, i.e., cars block the turning lane and/or the traffic lane south of the bike lane.

Whereas, the there are dangers from pedestrians crossing the bike lane that must be addressed.

Therefore ANC 2B objects to the granting of additional valet parking hours at the existing location and recommends a DDOT require an updated application and review of staging permit to ensure that Barcode’s valet parking does not interfere with traffic flow and does not endanger pedestrians and bicycles in the parking lane.

Be it further resolved that ANC 2B would provide favorable consideration staging on 17th Street or the south side of L Street if appropriate arrangements can be made.

10. Application #10124629 for 2 parking spaces to use for valet staging area (5:30 p.m. to midnight Mon-Sat; 10:30 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Sun) for Georgia Brown’s, 950 15th St., NW. Passed 8-0. The resolution reads as follows:

Whereas this is actually a renewal of an expired longstanding permit,

Whereas, traffic is sufficiently light, that ANC 2B does not have concerns about blocking the rush hour driving lane between 5:30 and 6:30;

Whereas evidence from DDOT indicates that there have not been problems caused by pedestrians crossing the bike lane from cars in the valet staging area;

Therefore ANC 2B objects to the application as proposed.

11. Application #10126072 for 2 parking places for use for valet staging area (6:30 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. Mon-Fri) for Metropolitan Club of the City of Washington, 1700 H. Street NW. Passed 8-0.

Education Items

12. Support of Stead Park Toddler Care Program. Passed 7-0. The resolution reads as follows:

Whereas ANC 2B recognizes that parents of toddlers in our community struggle to find available and affordable toddler care and education programs near our neighborhood;

Whereas providing affordable toddler options plays an important role in helping to keep families of toddlers in our community;

Whereas the Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR) runs a successful system of toddler programs called the Cooperative Play (CO-OP) program – for children over 18 months of age – and has expressed interest in starting a new program at Stead Park’s recreation center this September;

Whereas over 75 families have submitted their strong interest in enrolling their toddlers at a potential CO-OP program in Stead Park, even though the program will likely only fit about a dozen children;

Be it resolved that ANC 2B recommends DPR start a CO-OP program at Stead Park to benefit our community’s families, and make any necessary improvements to the recreation center to make it more toddler-friendly and to accommodate such a program.

13. Proposed resolution on supporting full modernization of Garrison School. Passed 7-0.The resolution reads as follows:

WHEREAS, Garrison Elementary school serves residents of ANC 2B, and DCPS designates a number of families in ANC2B to Garrison as their school of right;

WHEREAS, the Dupont Circle Community along with the Logan Circle Community are working together to make our neighborhoods a place where families want to stay and raise their children, and having a system of high quality, matter-of-right DCPS community schools for all Dupont residents is essential to that goal;

WHEREAS, over the past three years, parents at Garrison have re-established a Parent-Teacher Association (PTA), developed strong partnerships with local community organizations, reached out to prospective parents, and worked directly with DCPS to improve the school;

WHEREAS, the PTA and community have greatly improved maintenance services at the school and groups through constant vigilance, volunteer efforts, and consistent advocacy;

WHEREAS, professional pro bono services and non-DCPS funds have been secured to defray the costs of modernization, and the PTA and community stand ready to further assist;

WHEREAS, DCPS anticipates the neighborhoods served by Garrison will see an increase of 125 elementary students by 2015 and retaining theses current and anticipated families is essential to our community;

WHEREAS, the population in the neighborhoods surrounding Garrison (Shaw, Logan Circle, 14th Corridor, U St. corridor) is expected to be one of the densest in the District, recreational areas are scarce, and Garrison with its 3.5 acres of grounds could be greatly alleviate field scarcity and quality of life;

WHEREAS, Garrison has not undergone a single renovation since opening in 1964, and is in desperate need of capital investment, as recognized in the 2010 Master Facilities Plan and the engineering report on which the DME 2013 Public Education Master Facilities Plan is based, including:

“Many interior spaces are in need of renovations”; 
“Ceiling finishes are in poor condition, Asbestos tile is present throughout and needs to be removed”;
“Public address and fire alarm systems are antiquated and require replacement”;
[Plumbing] fixtures are outdated and should be replaced;
“Wooden exterior doors need to be replaced and all exterior windows have deteriorated and need to be replaced”;
ADA compliance is “unsatisfactory” and the building “needs numerous upgrades in order to accomplish [compliance]”;

WHEREAS, Garrison has an educational facilities effectiveness (EFEI) score of 36 percent according to the DME 2013 Public Education Master Facilities Plan—one of the lowest in the District;

WHEREAS, the DME 2013 Public Education Master Facilities Plan defines the Shaw/Logan Circle neighborhood as one of the “areas of greatest need” for strategic capital investment;

WHEREAS, Garrison is one of the only public schools (DCPS or charter) in the Shaw/Logan Circle neighborhood that has not been partially or fully modernized;

WHEREAS, the DME 2013 Public Education Master Facilities Plan first short term recommendation is to “target capital resources for areas of greatest facility condition and quality need with large school aged populations, but low enrollment”;

WHEREAS, the DME 2013 Public Education Master Facilities Plan first long term recommendation is to “reassess the phased modernization approach” and “fully modernize certain facilities in clusters of greatest need”;

WHEREAS, a phased modernization at Garrison would mean having to choose between an ADA compliant school and classrooms in which children can effectively learn, between a field without sinkholes and a non bunker-like school entrance, between windows that open and asbestos removal;

WHEREAS, the FY2014 Capital Improvement Plan, despite advancing Garrison’s Phase 1 to FY2014, still sees the completion of Garrison’s modernization in 2022—9 years away; and

WHEREAS; capital investment in Garrison has been too often postponed and is long overdue in order to meet population growth in the area and to ensure the diversity, vitality and coherence of the community.

Therefore, be it resolved that ANC 2B recommends that the City Council fully fund Garrison’s modernization by allocating $12 million in Fiscal Year 2015 to allow for a complete, one-time modernization of both the school building and its grounds.

Development Projects

14. Application to BZA (Tracking #18725) for construction of a rear deck at 1536 T St. Passed 4-2-1. The resolution reads as follows:

WHEREAS the applicant proposes to build a deck on the second level in the rear of their property; and

WHEREAS the lot is currently beyond 60% lot occupancy and the application is to increase the lot occupancy even further, however the use of space will not change and the structure will remain a single family residence; and

WHEREAS the lot is unique for a number of reasons, including the alley to the east, the small size of the lot and an existing three-foot easement in the rear of the property that guarantees access to several neighbors to the west; and

WHEREAS a second story deck is proposed to provide rear access to the home from the kitchen, which is on the second floor of this single-family home; and

WHEREAS the plans show uninterrupted access for neighbors to their rear yards as required by law; and

WHEREAS there are concerns from immediate neighbors that the proposed deck will negatively impact light and air quality and privacy, however the applicant has committed to using materials and design methods that minimize those concerns.

Therefore BE IT RESOLVED that ANC 2B supports this project as presented at the ANC meeting. Support from ANC2B is contingent on plans and a project that protects and demarcates the easement in the rear of the property and includes assurances that a vehicle or other object parked in or placed on the property cannot impede the easement.

15. Application to HPRB for construction (Tracking # 14-187) at 15 Dupont Circle (Patterson Mansion) Passed 7-0. The resolution reads as follows:

Whereas, ANC 2B supports the project as presented for 15 Dupont Circle that includes the restoration of the historic residence, 15 Dupont Circle, a structure that is a significant and contributing structure to the historic overlay for Dupont Circle and to Washington, DC;

Whereas, ANC 2B supports the demolition of a noncontributing two-story annex to the rear and supports the proposed design to build an eight-story structure with one below grade level, one grade level and six additional floors to the east of the mansion;

Whereas, ANC 2B supports the P street facade designed for the addition, whereas this eight-story addition is respective to the abutting properties proportions, and steps back at the eight floor;

Whereas, ANC 2B supports this project as the design of the addition is offset an appropriate and significant distance from the historic mansion, permitting the addition will not detract or impose upon the mansion itself. That the proposed eight-story design will have a minimal connection to the home, and is designed with respect to the rhythms and similar proportions to the mansion, and the proposed project reads both as a subservient structure to the mansion while being designed to its own accord;

Whereas, ANC 2B supports the design and use of materials for the addition and welcomes the project as an appropriate addition to this historic mansion, and to Dupont Circle;

Whereas, ANC 2B supports the presented project and acknowledges the applicants commitment to working with the residents;

Whereas, ANC 2B supports the presented project and acknowledges the applicants commitment to the exterior restoration of the mansion, and by maintaining and preserving the interior public rooms of the mansion for common space, specifically on the proposed first floor (second floor) where the original dinning room, living room and grand ball room are located; and

Whereas, ANC 2B supports the project as presented and appreciates the incorporation of green space being added to the project in the form of green roofs, and outdoor space provided.

Therefore be it resolved that ANC2B recommends support of this project.

16. Application to BZA (Tracking #18-722) for renovation of Keegan Theatre, 1742 Church St.          Passed 7-0.

17. Application to HPRB (Tracking # 14-039) for construction at 1728 P St. Passed 7-0.

18. Application to HPRB (Tracking # 14-129) for construction at 1528 Church St. Passed 7-0. The resolution reads as follows:

Whereas, ANC2B supports the project as presented for 1528 Church St NW that includes a three story addition and a rear attached two-story carriage house like structure;

Whereas, ANC 2B supports the project as the project as proposed will preserve the historical façade and any additions will not be visible from the street. Whereas the project as proposed with a three-story addition and a rear attached two-story carriage house like addition will be consistent with the existing structure and is compatible with the neighboring buildings;

Whereas, ANC 2B supports the plans as presented and is aware that the abutting property to the east which is currently a vacant parking lot and currently makes the property visible from multiple locations in public view, but the abutting property is currently for sale and is subject to development which would make this property no longer visible from secondary view points;

Whereas, ANC 2B supports the design that include the demolition of a previous addition to the home that is not part of the original home as seen from the historic plat and will be replaced with a three-story addition and a rear two-story carriage house like addition;

Whereas, ANC 2B supports the three-story addition and a rear attached two-story carriage house like structure since the addition to the home is in accordance with the Secretary of Interiors guidelines and standards for additions to historic preservation. Whereas, this addition is being developed as a rear attachment and does not degrade the historic nature of the original home. Whereas, the addition will employ the same brick materials as the existing house and would be compatible with the character of the historic house and other carriage homes in the immediate neighborhood; and

Whereas, ANC 2B supports the presented projects and acknowledges the applicants commitment to improving the neighborhood and their outreach to work with the owners of the parking lots abutting their property to work with rat abatement, improving lighting, whereas the security lighting in place is not sufficient nor functioning. Whereas the applicants will work on their tree box as well as others on their street to foster and sustain new trees.

Therefore be it resolved that ANC2B recommends support of this project.

ABRA Policy Committee

19. Nomination of Patrick Kain as 2B06 liquor liaison. Passed 7-0.

20. Approval of Committee members for 2014. Passed 7-0. The resolution reads as follows:

Whereas the Policies and Procedures Manual of Advisory Neighborhood Commission 2B (ANC2B) call for the creation of an Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration (ABRA) Policy Committee; and

Whereas, ANC2B charges the ABRA Policy Committee with informing the Commission and the public about ABRA-related issues in general; and

Whereas, the ABRA Policy Committee further aides in making the work of the Commission with regards to ABRA-related issues more transparent; and

Whereas, ANC2B is required to ratify the membership of each Standing Committee;

Be it resolved that, ANC2B makes the following appointments to the ABRA Policy Committee:

Commissioner Kevin O’Connor (2B02), Chair
Commissioner Noah Smith (2B09);
Commissioner Stephanie Maltz (2B03);
Commissioner Abigail Nichols (2B05);
Ruth Horn, Dupont Circle Citizens Association (2B01);
Patrick Kain (2B06);
Ramon Estrada (2B09);
Joanne Liu (2B02);
Elizabeth Lindsay (2B01);
Commissioner Will Stephens (2B08), ex officio

Zoning, Preservation & Development Committee

21. Approval of Committee members for 2014. Passed 7-0. The resolution reads as follows:

Whereas the Policies and Procedures Manual of Advisory Neighborhood Commission 2B (ANC2B) call for the creation of an Zoning, Preservation and Development Committee (ZPD); and

Whereas, ANC2B charges the ZPD Committee with reviewing and informing the Commission and the public about ZPD-related issues in general; and

Whereas, the ZPD Committee further aides in making the work of the Commission with regards to ZPD-related issues more transparent; and

Whereas, ANC2B is required to ratify the membership of each Standing Committee;

Be it resolved that, ANC2B makes the following appointments to the ZPD Committee:

Commissioner Leo Dwyer, Chair
Jessica Morse, resident
Stephan Rodiger, resident
Chris Furlong, resident
Patrick Smith, architect
Commissioner Will Stephens, ex officio

Community Involvement Committee

22. Proposal to dissolve Community Involvement Committee. Passed 7-0.

NEWS: Meeting tonight CANCELED, make-up meeting Monday

ALERT:  Due to the DC Snow emergency, the Brookings Institution will be closed this evening.  Therefore, tonight’s regular meeting of ANC 2B is CANCELED.

The make-up meeting will be held at 6:00pm this Monday, February 17th in the Foxhall A room of the Dupont Circle Hotel.

** Note the earlier time (6:00pm) and the different location (Dupont Circle Hotel) than our usual meetings.

NEWS: Revised February Meeting Agenda 2014 & February Special Meeting Agenda 2014

The agenda for the ANC’s February meeting has been re-posted and can be viewed at the following link:

February 2014 Agenda

The Commissioners of ANC 2B are splitting this months meeting into 2 meetings this month. The first meeting will as always take place on the second Wednesday of the month — on the 12th of this month — at 7pm in the Brookings Institution building at 1775 Massachusetts Avenue, N.W. The second meeting ” February Special Meeting Agenda 2014″ is posted below. The time and location for this meet is TBD.

February Special Agenda 2014