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NEWS: Zoning, Preservation & Development Committee Meeting 9/6/11 (UPDATED 9/12/11)

Open Meeting of the Dupont Circle ANC’s Zoning, Preservation & Development (ZPD) Committee
Tuesday, September 6th
7:00pm – 9:00pm
Dupont Hotel


(1) Development by First Baptist Church at 17th & O Streets NW: “concept design” application to HPRB [full file] & zoning requests to BZA [full file]
(2) Restoration/Renovation of Triangle Park between Q Street NW, 20th Street NW, and Conn. Ave. NW

UPDATE (9/12/11):

Thanks to everyone who joined the Committee meeting on September 6th and provided comments by e-mail before and after the meeting.  The attached motion will be on the table for discussion at Wednesday’s ANC meeting.

NEWS: Dupont Circle political redistricting task force sets plan for crafting a 2B proposal

As part of the decennial redistricting process, each Ward Council Member is responsible for creating a ward-wide “subcommittee” to propose re-drawing Single Member District (SMD) and Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC) boundaries within the Ward based on new census data.  In general, each SMD should be home to between 1900 and 2100 residents, though variations are acceptable for certain reasons, such as maintaining neighborhood cohesiveness or adhering to natural boundaries.  Ward 2 Council Member Jack Evans’ office has for several months invited any interested Ward 2 residents to join the Ward 2 Subcommittee for 2011 redistricting.  The kickoff meeting of the Ward 2 Subcommittee was Wednesday, July 13th at the Wilson Building.

The Ward 2 Subcommittee is further broken down into “task forces” for each ANC in Ward 2.  Each Task Force is responsible for providing a recommendation for the re-drawing of SMD lines — and, if warranted, recommendations on any changes to ANC external boundaries.  The Task Force for the Dupont Circle ANC (2B) currently includes all 9 ANC 2B Commissioners (Will Stephens, Mike Feldstein, Mike Silverstein, Phil Carney, Kevin O’Connor, Bob Meehan, Jack Jacobson, Victor Wexler, Ramon Estrada), along with the 2B resident community representatives that volunteered to Jack Evans’ office (Debbie HanrahanSchreiber, Ed Grandis, and Phyllis Klein).

The 2B Task Force had an initial meeting on Tuesday, July 26th at the Dupont Resource Center to set in motion a plan for submitting a proposal for 2B political boundaries with community input, prior to the Council’s final deadline of Oct. 1st.  After discussing the process and being briefed by Ward 2 Subcommittee Chair Tim Birch of the Georgetown ANC, the Task Force came up with the following plan:

The 2B Task Force will meet Tuesday, Aug. 9th to draw up an initial proposal for SMD boundaries.  This initial draft will be posted on this News/Blog page and elsewhere, and the 2B Task Force will solicit comments for just over three weeks.  There will be a community forum on Wednesday, August 31st at 7:30pm (location TBA) to further discuss the plan.  Please save the date for this important discussion! The 2B Task Force will thereafter meet again to make changes based on the comments received and the community forum.  Subsequent meetings/discussions will be announced by the end of the month.  The goal is for the 2B Task Force to create a final 2B boundary plan that can be endorsed by the ANC and community by mid-September.

For more information on redistricting — including census data, maps, and relevant rules — please follow this link to redistricting information from the D.C. Council:

Note: If you are interested in joining the Ward 2 Subcommittee — whether you live in the Dupont area or not — please contact Andrew Huff at Jack Evans’ office ( and Ward 2 Subcommittee Chair Tom Birch (