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ANC 2B Announces Election of Amy Johnson for 2B01

Headshot_JohnsonAmyAdvisory Neighborhood Commission 2B is pleased to announce that Amy Johnson has been elected as the next commissioner for single member district 2B01. Amy is filling the vacancy created by the passing of former Commissioner Michael Feldstein. After the end of the public review period for the signatures Amy submitted, the Board of Elections announced yesterday that Amy will officially be a commissioner for ANC 2B and she was sworn-in by Ward 2 Councilmember Jack Evans earlier today.

Amy is an international and community development consultant with 25 years of experience working to strengthen communities in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Central America, Eastern Europe, the Pacific Islands, and South America, as well as in the U.S. Amy has held leadership positions in the federal government and in non-profit organizations, and has also served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Belize, supporting the strengthening of operations and programming of the local YWCA.

When she is not working with clients, you may find Amy at Yoga District, Glen’s Garden Market, the Dupont Farmer’s Market, or volunteering for international exchange programs that offer young professionals an opportunity to enhance their global education.

Amy holds a Master’s degree in Intercultural Communication from the University of Pennsylvania and a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from the University of Delaware. She is delighted to be representing district 2B01 as Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner and looks forward to working closely with the Dupont Circle community.

ZPD Agenda December 2nd 7PM

ANC 2B’s next Zoning, Preservation, and Development Committee meeting will be December 2nd 7PM at the Dupont Circle Resource Center (9 Dupont Circle NW). Following the public input session at the October ZPD meeting, this month the ZPD Committee will be hosting a public input session on a proposed Memorandum of Understanding among St. Thomas’ Episcopal Church, Cas Riegler, and the ANC. The *DRAFT* MOU is located here (pdf): St. Thomas – MOU – Draft -11-30-2015

Please reach out to Commissioners Warwick and Kupcinski with any questions, comments, or concerns.

October 7th ZPD and St. Thomas Development Public Input Meeting

The October 7th Zoning, Preservation, and Development Meeting of ANC 2B will be held in the West Wing meeting room of the Embassy Row Hotel at 2015 Massachusetts Ave NW. The meeting will begin at 7PM and consider three regulatory applications as well as a public input meeting on the development at 1772 Church St NW.

Regulatory Agenda 7:00PM-7:30PM

1600 I St NW / 888 16th Street NW (Motion Picture Association of America) Applications to the a) Historic Preservation Review Board (HPRB) and a) the Board of Zoning Adjustment (BZA):

a) HPRB Application No. 15-575, A noncontributing structure, Historic Preservation Review Board (Hearing Scheduled for October 22 (or 29 overflow))
b) BZA Case 19122 (i) to allow an increase of an existing, and (ii) to allow a portion of an existing roof structure to be devoted to enclosed communal amenity space that is to an outdoor roof terrace, to allow the renovation and expansion of the existing office building on the Subject Property in the SP-2 District.

1415 22nd St NW, Commission of Fine Arts Review

1514 Q St NW, Historic Preservation review of rear addition

1325 21st Street NW rear addition HPRB # 15-632 Note: delayed to November agenda at applicant’s request

Public Input Meeting 7:30-9:00PM

Following HPRB’s review of the St Thomas Church development at 1772 Church Street NW, the applicant applied for a zoning variance. When the applicant applied for a zoning variance, the ANC convened a small group of neighbors, the developer, the church, and the ANC to discuss reaching a memorandum of understanding regarding the construction and operational impacts of the development. The public input meeting is to engage the broader community on concerns and items for consideration. Committee members will be at the drop-in meeting to hear concerns in small groups.

If you have any questions before the meeting, please reach out to Commissioner Daniel Warwick.

Listed below are items the committee has already brainstormed for consideration.

Pre-construction Items:

  • Transportation Analysis
    • Trip Generation Study
    • Alley Width/Configuration
    • Alley Management Plan
  • Arborist Assessment (Street Trees)
  • Existing Conditions Survey
    • Neighboring Homes
    • Settlement Monitoring
  • Construction Staging Plan
    • Sequencing of Church/Residential Construction
    • Sidewalk/Alley/Roadway Restrictions
    • Overall Project Schedule

Construction Items:

  • Point of Contact Identification
  • Hours of Construction
  • Rodent Control
  • General Liability Insurance
  • Neighboring Property Surveys
  • Maintenance Reimbursements
  • Environmental Remediation
  • Alley and Parking Access
    • Notice of Closure
    • Parking Reimbursement
  • Construction Dust Mitigation
  • Construction Worker Parking
  • Alley Resurfacing

Operational Items:

  • Public & Private Outdoor Space
    • Usage
    • Noise Controls
    • Light Controls
    • Privacy
  • Trash Collection
  • Loading Zone Operations
  • Rear Door Access/Restrictions
  • Property Management Contact Identification
  • Community Utilization of Facilities
    • Meeting Space
    • Parking
  • Secondary Church Functions
    • Funerals
    • Weddings
    • Special Events
    • Potential Future Uses
  • MOU Specific Items
    • Effect of Agreement
    • Enforcement
    • Modifications

NEWS: St Thomas Church Development Applies for Zoning Variance

The St. Thomas Church Development applied for a zoning variance of 86.7% lot occupancy in the SP-1 zone with a by right lot occupancy of 80%. You may download plans here on Dropbox.

The ANC will likely review the case in November or December depending on when the development is scheduled on the Board of Zoning Adjustment calendar.

In the absence of a 2B07 single member district commissioner, feel free to reach out to Commissioner Daniel Warwick at with any comments or concerns.

NEWS: Special Election for 2B07 Commissioner to be Held on October 14, 2015

The Dupont Circle ANC announces the date, time, location and process for voting in a special election to fill a vacancy for the 2B07 Commissioner. You can check whether you live in 2B07 by reviewing our map, HERE.

The election will be held during the regularly scheduled monthly meeting of ANC 2B on Wednesday, October 14, 2015 from 7:15pm to 9:00pm.  The meeting will be held at the Brookings Institution at 1775 Massachusetts Ave NW.

Eligibility to Vote:  The election will be open to registered voters of SMD 2B07 only.  Potential voters must present themselves at the polling place and must have either a BOEE voter identification card showing that they are registered to vote in SMD 2B07 or be listed as a voter in SMD 2B07 on the voter registration list provided by the Board of Elections and Ethics (BOEE).

The two candidates will appear on the ballot in the following order:

  • Holly Biglow
  • John Kupcinski

Information on the process for voting and counting ballots, which is provided by the Board of Elections, is available below.

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Blog: Farewell Letter from Former Commissioner Justine Underhill (2B07)

Former Commissioner Justine Underhill, who resigned from representing 2B07 earlier this year to pursue her career in New York asked that we publish an open letter from her to the neighborhood. On behalf of ANC2B, we cannot thank Justine enough for the incredible effort she put into improving our community.


It’s been nearly one year since I made the unlikely decision to become a politician.  Before I became the Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC) representative for my district, I knew few of my neighbors and had little interest in the typical Commission fare of liquor licenses and zoning minutiae.  But, a bizarre set of circumstances drew me deeply into Dupont Circle political affairs.  An historic church, once frequented by the likes of Franklin D. Roosevelt and ravaged by arson in the 1970’s, was to finally be rebuilt – but with the controversial addition of a condominium project.

When I was elected as commissioner last November, my highest priority was to build a consensus on the new construction project that had divided the community. Over the next eight months, I worked with my ANC colleagues to find a middle ground.  Most neighbors supported the consensus, despite strong opposition to the overall project.  At our Mach meeting, we achieved something unexpected: the ANC voted unanimously on a resolution backed by neighbors, and facilitated a civil and calm discourse on the project.

During this time, I started a new job and recently received the exciting news that my work would take me to New York City. This tremendous opportunity unfortunately meant that I had to step down as ANC representative.  Currently, my number one priority is to make sure my district is continuously represented before the ANC, and that there is a smooth transition to the next commissioner.

It has been extremely fulfilling to be able to work with all the neighbors of Dupont Circle, and I have never felt more a part of the community. I will be keeping my place in Dupont and will continue to be involved in neighborhood projects.  I can only express my sincere gratitude to the neighbors, businesses, organizations and fellow ANC representatives of Dupont for the amazing opportunity this has afforded me.

– Justine

NEWS: Vacancy Announced for ANC 2B07

Commissioner Underhill announced resignation earlier this month. Opportunity for 2B07 resident to fill seat through the end of 2016. 

Earlier this month Commissioner Justine Underhill announced her resignation from the Dupont Circle ANC to pursue a career opportunity outside of Washington. On July 17, the Board of Elections certified a vacancy for single member district 2B07 and today we are seeking a committed and enthusiastic resident of 2B07 to fill that position.

The 2B07 commissioner represents the areas immediately east and southeast of the circle; a map of each of the single member districts is available HERE.

Those interested in seeking election to the seat must pick up petitions from the Board of Elections starting on Monday and get 25 signatures of registered voters who live in 2B07 by August 10th. There will then be a petition challenge period from August 13-19 to ensure that the signatures are from valid residents.

If there is more than one candidate who successfully files petitions, there will be a special election announced for either September or October. If there is only one candidate, that person will be certified as the Commissioner for 2B07. (If there are no candidates, the petition process starts over again).

Commissioner Underhill has been invaluable in bringing the neighborhood together around issues big and small, including the ongoing development process of the St. Thomas Church property at 1772 Church St. The 2B07 commissioner also leads the ANC response to all applications for that district, including alcohol licensing, historic preservation and zoning cases. ANC commissioners are non-partisan and unpaid elected representatives who ensure that the voice of the neighborhood is heard in city decisions.

If you have any questions about running for election or what the position involves, please do not hesitate to contact ANC Chair Noah Smith at

1772 Church St project update

Updated plans for 1772 Church St are available HERE.

These plans will likely be on the Historic Preservation Review Board’s consent calendar for their June 25th meeting. Accordingly, at the meeting, Board members will make a decision whether the project should go to another full hearing (with presentations and verbal testimony), or if the project should be delegated to staff. The board will not hear any testimony on the 25th, instead it will base its decision on letters it receives from the public beforehand.
Please send any letters to Kim Elliott ( by June 23rd, and she will email them to Board members (June 18th is the deadline for a hard copy to be included in Board members’ review packets).
Furthermore, testimony should ONLY pertain to how effectively the applicant addressed the 5 design issues that the Board articulated at the May hearing:

1. Residential bays to align more with the setback along Church St. as the church building is the “bookend” landmark at the end of that block–possible solution to move back residential façade so that face of bays are aligned with Parish Hall façade (+/-3’)
2. Work on stepping back or reducing the upper floors (6+7) to minimize perceived mass.
3. Look at scale of residential windows compared to the rest of church street rowhouses
4. Refine the glass detailing of upper and at the main entrance levels of church to reflect what the actual condition will be as it relates to transparency and construction.
5. Landscape at front of church needs to be developed and integrated

Because of this expedited process, the ANC has submitted a resolution asking the project to be removed from the June consent calendar (for time to review and receive community comments). While the ANC has been told the project is still expected to go before the Board on June 25th, we will soon have a better understanding of how HPRB plans to address the ANC resolution.

NEWS: Tragic Fire Leaves Two Dead, Several Injured on Riggs Place

*Cross Posted on Noah Smith’s Blog (*

Several news agencies have reported an overnight fire at 1610 Riggs Pl NW in our neighborhood. Tragically, two residents are confirmed to have died in the fire and more were injured, including up to three fire fighters. The Dupont ANC has been in touch with fire officials and a resident of the address who was out of town at the time. We’ve offered our assistance and condolences.

Our neighborhood is beautiful, historic, diverse and vibrant; what completes that mix are the fantastic people who live here. Today we must come together to support our neighbors in any way we can.

While the cause of the fire remains under investigation, this is a great opportunity to confirm that your smoke detectors are working properly. The DC Fire and EMS Department installs smoke detectors free of charge to residents, simply call 311 or request one online by clicking HERE and selecting “FEMS – Smoke Alarm Application” from the drop down menu.


ANC 2B passes 1772 Church St. Resolution May 2015

On Wednesday May 13, 2015, ANC 2B passed the below Resolution by a vote of 7-0 regarding the development project at 1772 Church Street, NW (the “Project”). Two amendments to the Resolution, presented by Commissioner Maltz, were passed by the ANC. The amendments were based on language that CAS Riegler, the Project developer, submitted to select commissioners* prior to or during the meeting.  A copy of this language (the “CAS Riegler Amendment Language”) is available HERE.

The Commission will forward a letter containing this below resolution to the Historic Preservation Review Board. HPRB will review the project on June 4th (the May 2015 overflow date).

* The author of this post, ANC 2B07 Commissioner Justine Underhill, was notified of the existence and content of the CAS Riegler Amendment Language only after the termination of the May 13, 2015 meeting.


1772 Church St HPRB May 2015

WHEREAS the development at 1772 Church Street NW has been reviewed by Advisory Neighborhood Commission 2B (ANC 2B) and the Historic Preservation Review Board multiple times; and

WHEREAS during the last project iteration, the Historic Preservation Review Board requested the applicant address ANC 2B’s resolution passed without opposition at the March 11, 2015 ANC 2B meeting, which is attached for your convenience; and

WHEREAS the ANC 2B resolution specified several conditions to ensure compatibility of the project with the historic neighborhood; and

WHEREAS while most stipulations were met, ANC 2B believes the following two stipulations were not met:

“The residential building seen from adjacent at-grade vantage points including the entirety of Church Street, P Street, 18th Street, and the public alley between Church and P Streets be between 40 and 59 feet tall, including mechanicals, and maintain existing setbacks.”

“Alterations are made to the exterior design so that the corrugation of the Church Street buildings’ facades and the rhythm of the Church Street buildings’ roof lines are in scale with the surrounding buildings.”; and

WHEREAS ANC 2B believes the residential component of the project as presented does not satisfy the height stipulation from many at grade vantage points on Church Street, 18th St, and in the public alley— including from the corner of 18th and P, Church Street from 17th Street to four rowhouses from the parish hall, and from the 17th Street vantage point in the alley.

THEREFORE, be it RESOLVED ANC 2B finds the proposal not in compliance with the March 2015 ANC 2B resolution; ANC 2B recommends the Historic Preservation Review Board require changes to the project massing and design that meet the conditions of the March resolution in their entirety.

Be it further RESOLVED that to fit the rhythm of the surrounding context, ANC 2B believes the bays on the residential component, which abut the property line, should be set back such that they are in line the Church Street buildings’ facades.