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ANC2B’s ABRA Policy Committee works closely with residents, businesses and civic organizations to develop standards to assist in the fair and consistent application of ABRA guidelines in the Dupont Circle neighborhood. As such, the Committee regularly develops standards and tools that residents, businesses and other Commissions may find valuable when handling ABRA matters that impact them. Here are some of our more popular tools that outline our guidelines and expectations.

Dupont Circle Public Space Guidelines

ANC2B’s Model Settlement Agreement


Committee Responsibilities

The Policies and Procedures Manual of ANC2B charge the ABRA Policy Committee with the following responsibilities:

  • Informing the Commission and the public about issues related to alcoholic beverage control; and
  • Making the work of the Commission related to alcoholic beverage control both more transparent and more efficient.


The Role of the ABRA Policy Committee

The Committee serves as ANC2B’s advisor on matters pertaining to ABRA issues in and around Dupont Circle and the District as a whole. This means that the Committee tries to tackle issues as they arise with individual establishments, proposed policies that impact the neighborhood at-large (such as Moratoria, or public space issues), and pro-actively identify areas that could have an impact on the neighborhood (such as the impact of growlers on licenses, or District-wide Omnibus ABRA bills before the Council). ANC2B’s Policy and Procedures manual also charges the Committee with the following activities:

  • To propose standard guidelines related to liquor-licensed establishments for the ANC 2B Policies & Procedures Manual;
  • To create and maintain up-to-date model Settlement Agreement for the Commission’s use in negotiating with neighborhood restaurants, bars, clubs, and liquor stores;
  • To keep track of policies related to liquor-licensed establishments – including legislation, new regulations, court rulings, and other new developments;
  • To liaise with the Alcoholic Beverage Regulatory Agency (ABRA) and the appropriate D.C. Council committees and staff;
  • To report on new developments to the Commission and community;
  • To propose changes or amendments to existing liquor policies for the Commission and the District;
  • To maintain a committee web page — including a page that provides up-to-date public access to all Voluntary Agreements and Moratoria within the Commission’s boundaries;
  • To carry out such other tasks as the Commission may delegate from time to time.


Committee Members

Abigail Nichols, Chair, Commissioner ANC2B05
Stephanie Maltz, Commissioner, ANC2B03
Ruth Horn, Dupont Circle Citizens Association Representative
Patrick Kain (2B06)
Elizabeth Lindsay, Local Business Owner (2B01);
Joanne Liu, Local Business Owner (2B02)
Caroline Mindell (2B08)
Jonathan Padget (2B02)
Ramon Estrada, Resident at-large
Noah Smith, ANC2B Chairman, Commissioner 2B08 – ex officio member


Alcoholic Beverage Regulatory Agency

Documents and Links

Alcoholic Beverage Regulatory Agency (ABRA)

ABRA has provided addition materials that help provide a more thorough understanding of how the Agency operates, how the protest and complaint process works, and guidelines that should be used when creating Settlement Agreements.


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