COVID-19 Emergency Response Task Force


The purpose of this ad hoc committee is to help raise awareness of,  facilitate access to and improve utilization of COVID emergency initiatives and other resources by small businesses and residents; identify gaps and work with relevant agencies and organizations to address these, and as necessary improve coordination and communication among and between these organizations and our ANC residents and businesses. 

Role of the Task Force 

To achieve these objectives, the Task Force will: 

  • Establish working relationships with existing COVID task forces and working groups within the DC government and council and among the neighborhood organizations, including adjacent ANCs, and serve as an informal clearinghouse for ANC 2B on COVID related resources and concerns 
  • Solicit input from Commissioners, businesses and residents on COVID related concerns 
  • Convene a series of informational webinars with partner organizations, featuring experts and resources 
  • Co-sponsor promotional events for our small businesses, to raise resident awareness and enhance business opportunities 
  • Participate as useful in public hearings and convenings on COVID related issues, to forward any insights or recommendations to improve existing efforts.

Partnering organizations include  Main Streets and Business Improvement Districts entities, Dupont Circle Citizens Association, and other entities and organizations as appropriate 

Activities posted on ANC blog and website as well as websites of partner organizations 




Latest News from the Task Force

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    Co-Sponsors: Historic Dupont Circle Main Streets and Advisory Neighborhood Commission 2B’s Coronavirus Task Force: Mike Silverstein, ANC 2B06; Meg Roggensack, ANC 2B01; Kyle Mulhall, ANC 2B09 Thursday, March 4th – 10:00 am On January 8, the Small Business Administration re-opened the Paycheck Protection Program, starting January 11, for first time… Read More »