Education & Parks Working Group

Objective of the Committee 

The purpose of this ad hoc committee is to provide recommendations on matters relating to the support of education, the needs of children, and parks and recreation that impact the residents of Advisory Neighborhood Commission 2B. 

Role of the Committee 

The Committee undertakes to: 

  • Identify and forward items to the Commission to respond to community requests and provide support to families and youth across 2B and throughout the city. 
  • Communicate with Public Schools (DCPS) and with individual schools and related parent teacher organizations for those schools that educate children from 2B. 
  • Provide the Commission with appropriate information to keep community members informed on relevant issues related to education and area schools. 
  • Encourage volunteer and participation to support area youth and schools in 2B.
  • Identify issues through communication with the community and the Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR) on issues relate to use, maintenance and modernization of DPR facilities within 2B. 
  • Communicate with Friends of Stead Park, neighborhood sport and recreation groups and other supporters of local parks to identify their needs and proposals for improving our local parks and those operated by the National Park Service in and near 2B. 

Membership in the Committee

  • Commissioner Kyle Mulhall (2b09), co-chair
  • Co-Chair: Amy Nasr, co-chair
  • Stephanie Straus