Transportation and Public Infrastructure

The Dupont ANC Transportation and Public Infrastructure Committee meets on the fourth Wednesday of the month at 7pm at the Dupont Circle Resource Center.

The November 19th meeting has been CANCELLED and will be rescheduled for December.

Review our Committee Goals for 2014 updated on October 22.

Draft Resolutions from the TPI Committee to be Reviewed at the November 12 ANC Meeting:

Our meeting on Wednesday October 22 at 7pm at the Dupont Resource Center will include the following agenda items:

  1. Review of 2014 Goals and Progress
  2. Review of draft resolution supporting the DC Circulator plan (Daniel, Michael and Silverstein)
  3. Review of final presentation and draft resolution on 15th Street cycle track signage proposal (Susan and Rudi)
  4. Review of proposal to eliminate or alter stop lights in residential sections of the neighborhood (David A)
  5. Closing the loop on parking discussion and finalizing recommendations for a resolution in December (Noah)

The September 24th agenda included:

  • Discussion of parking considerations after DDOT meeting
  • Update on signage for 15th St, including the cycle track
  • Discussion of pedestrian safety problem statements and brainstorming solutions

Previous Meeting Minutes

Read the August 6 2014 Meeting Minutes from the TPI committee.

Read the July 30 Meeting Minutes from the TPI committee.

Read the June 25 Meeting Minutes from the TPI committee.

Read the June 5 Meeting Minutes from the TPI committee.


The Transportation and Public Infrastructure Committee is currently seeking public members who live in ANC2B. If you’re interested in serving on this new committee, please contact TPI Committee Chair Noah Smith.

Proposal for a New ANC2B Standing Committee on Transportation and Public Infrastructure (TPI)

Adopted by ANC2B on March 12, 2014

Policy Issue: Safe and effective transportation of all modes is a significant priority for local government and for the residents and businesses of Dupont Circle. The District Department of Transportation (DDOT), in coordination with other agencies, maintains the transportation system while protecting and improving the use of public space in the District. The Dupont Circle ANC lacks a structured method to address transportation, traffic and public space issues.

Committee Purpose Statement: The Transportation and Public Infrastructure (TPI) Committee will promote a safe and effective transportation system for the residents and visitors of Dupont Circle and improve the use of public space in our neighborhood.

Role of the Committee: The committee will serve as a forum for discussing matters related to the following and will make recommendations to the ANC:

  • Parking in the neighborhood, including valet applications, loading zones, the enhanced residential parking program and visitor parking
  • Pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure and safety
  • Beautification, repair and streetscapes
  • Public transit
  • Public parks
  • Matters before the DC Council related to transportation and public space

The committee will serve as a resource for commissioners and as a point of contact for DDOT, the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Administration (WMATA) and the DC Water and Sewer Authority (WASA). Commissioners may seek guidance from the committee on public space applications in their Single Member Districts. The committee will facilitate training for commissioners and others on transportation issues and host meetings to gather public input. The committee will also develop guidance for consideration of public space issues for review by the ANC.

Committee Membership: The committee will be chaired by an ANC2B Commissioner and should have broad representation from the resident and business community of Dupont Circle.

5 thoughts on “Transportation and Public Infrastructure

  1. Sarah Ellenbogen


    My husband and I purchased a home in the neighborhood last September. We’re interested in learning what we need to do to discuss Permanent Visitor Parking Pass for home owners. We have full time child care that requires us to get a visitors parking pass every 2 weeks at the police station. Is this something we would need to raise in one of the ANC bi-weekly meetings?

    Thank you,

  2. Noah Smith

    Hi Sarah!

    This is one of several parking concerns that the Transportation Committee is going to tackle this year. Ward 2 has historically opted out of permanenet visitor parking passes, but the Logan Circle ANC is looking at a new and innovative approach that we could learn from.

    Please send me an email and we can discuss more.


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