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NEWS: Minutes from the Feb. 19, 2014 ABRA Policy Committee

Committee Members In Attendance:

Commissioner Kevin O’Connor (2B02)

Commissioner Abigail Nichols (2B05)

Commissioner Noah Smith (2B09)

Ruth Horn, Dupont Circle Citizens Association Representative

Discussion on Proposed Public Safety Meeting 

Discussion focused on where a public safety meeting should be held

Commissioner Nichols strongly believed meeting should be held within “club central”

Questions were focused on to whom the main audience of the meeting will be

It was decided that notice of the meeting should go to Jefferson Place, Palladium, and N St Follies

Invitations should be extended to MPD, ABRA, and the Golden Triangle BID

The Committee agreed to ask about the following at the meeting:

Ask if the ANC can provide support by asking MPD to extend support to the Club Action Team to Sunday.

Propose that the ANC support increasing the funding for additional ABRA investigators

Ask Golden Triangle BID to conduct additional outreach to property owners where nightclubs are located.

Protest Updates

Bistro Bistro (2B01): Lost standing and currently seeking reinstatement

Fireplace (2B02): Protest drop, reimbursable detail has been reinstated, will work with DDOT on use of public space. Public Safety meeting with MPD forthcoming.

Midtown (2B05): April 2014 protest date, near agreement on Settlement Agreement

Dirty Martini (2B05): April 2014 protest, near agreement on Settlement Agreement

Rose Bar (2B05): Protested as of 2/18/2014, near agreement on Settlement Agreement

Public Bar (2B06): Settlement Agreement agreed upon by all parties

18th St Lounge (2B06): replacarded on 2/21

Bar Code (2B05): still negotiating over use of public space – April 2014 protests date

Bar Charley (2B08): close to a Settlement Agreement with all parties

Chi-Cha Lounge (2B08): Awaiting update

Additional Items

Commissioner O’Connor will survey members about changing meeting times for future meetings.