2024 ANC 2B Committee Recruiting

At the first meeting of each year, ANC 2B voted to establish the Committees that will support our work for the community. For 2024, ANC 2B approved two Committees – the Mobility and Land Use Committees. The role of ANC Committees, as noted in our Policies and Procedures Manual, is to better manage the Commission’s work (including agency proceedings on which ANC input may be requested or informative), to involve more community stakeholders in the Commission’s work, to facilitate education of the Commission and community on issues affecting the neighborhood, and to make full Commission meetings more efficient.

The committees meet monthly, on an as-needed basis, in virtual or hybrid form, for 60-90 minutes, depending on the agenda.

Members commit to regular attendance and participation in and support of the Committee work, which can include note taking and drafting of resolutions and minutes, as well as other tasks, e.g. research or site visits, as appropriate and necessary to facilitate the Committee’s work.

The membership, date, and time of Committee meetings is to be determined at the Commission’s February 7th meeting; members will be appointed to serve through February 2025.

If you are interested in participating in a Committee this year, please send a short email with the subject line Re: Committee Membership to: 2B@anc.dc.gov. Please send this email by 5:00 pm on Tuesday, February 6th.

In your email please indicate where you live and/or your Single Member District (SMD); which Committee you would like to serve on; why you are interested and what expertise you would bring; whether you have previously served on an ANC Committee and/or any other community involvement; and whether you may have any professional or volunteer relationships that might be relevant to your service (such as employment, organizational affiliations, past involvement in transportation or real estate development matters of concern to the neighborhood, etc.)

To learn more about the purpose and function of our Committees, see pages 24-25 in our Policies and Procedures Manual here.

2024 ANC 2B Committee Recruiting