Complex Applications Working Group

Chair: Matt Johnson,


The purpose of this ad hoc working group is to provide recommendations to the Commission on matters related to applications for public space permits and establishments seeking permits for alcohol or cannabis sales that require additional input from the public or more discussion from the Commission than can be easily accommodated in a regular meeting of the Commission.

Each Commissioner is encouraged to participate to the greatest extent feasible. When an item from a particular single member district is referred, the commissioner from that district is expected to participate, except in cases where a conflict of interest exists or may exist. When asserting a conflict of interest, a Commissioner should indicate in writing the specific reason or reasons for the conflict of interest.

Persons residing within the boundaries of the Commission may also be named to serve on the Working Group by the Chair of the Working Group.

Items can be referred to the Working Group by any Commissioner. When referring an item, the referring Commissioner should indicate in writing the specific issue or issues that warrant referral.

The Working Group will meet as needed on a date and time to be determined by the Chair of the Working Group.

The Working Group will work with neighbors, neighboring businesses, and the applicant to understand the potential impacts to the community and will make recommendations regarding potential mitigations or terms for protests, settlement agreements, or resolutions.

All members of the public are permitted to participate in meetings of the Working Group.