Land Use Committee

Meetings are held on the first Wednesday of every month via Zoom. Agendas are posted on the ANC’s website.

The next Land Use Committee meeting will be held on Wednesday, October 6, 2021.

Chair: Will Herbig,

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Engaging with the Committee

  • The LUC holds meetings generally on the 1st Wednesday at 7:00 p.m. Please reach out to the chair if you are in need of translation services.
  • All community members are invited to attend and offer comment.
  • Meetings are held remotely during the Public Health Emergency, and in-person meetings are held at 9 Dupont Circle NW

Applicants Before the Committee

  • Applicants when they begin their process should contact the LUC Chair and the Commissioner for their single member district (SMD). The LUC Committee Chair and the Commissioner can assist applicants regarding regulatory matters and outreach.
  • To be added to the LUC agenda and subsequently the ANC agenda, applicants must contact the LUC Chair and Commissioner for their single member district a minimum of one week in advance of the target LUC committee meeting.
  • When submitting to the LUC and ANC, applicants must provide a hearing date, a hearing number, a brief description of their project, and presentation materials.
  • The Committee may review DDOT Public Space permit applications when necessary, otherwise the Commissioner for that SMD will lead review of the request.

Objective of the Committee

The Land Use Committee (LUC) is integral to the work of ANC 2B by offering Commissioners recommendations regarding zoning, preservation and physical development matters. This generally includes projects that go before the Historic Preservation and Review Board (HPRB), the Zoning Commission (ZC), and the Board of Zoning and Adjustments (BZA). Additionally, the committee is available to provide applicants technical assistance regarding process, design, and general feedback regarding project and policy proposals.

Role of the Committee

To help achieve these purposes the Committee will:

  • Hold monthly committee meetings to hear applicants and to make recommendations to the Commission as a whole;
  • Establish and maintain on-going working relations with those public and private entities with similar goals and purposes, including the Historic Preservation Review Board (HPRB), the Board of Zoning Adjustment (BZA), the Zoning Commission (ZC), the D.C. Office of Planning, and other community stakeholders and organizations;
  • Track and, when appropriate, provide recommendations to the Commission regarding planning, zoning, and historic preservation policy and development proposals;
  • Convene special meetings to hear applications on major projects and policy proposals and to make recommendation to the Commission as a whole;
  • Assist with ANC training as related to the goals and purposes of this Committee;
  • When appropriate, seek the advice of outside experts, such as architects, planners, historic preservationists, urban designers, and other land use professionals;
  • When appropriate, undertake special projects such as, but not limited to special planning and urban design initiatives; and
  • When appropriate, host educational forums for exploring planning and land use matters.

Membership in the Committee

Members of the public are appointed by the full ANC for a 1-year term.

Current members include:

  • Michael Lee Beidler (2B06)
  • Yonah Freemark (2B08)
  • Jeffrey Alan Rueckgauer (2B02)
  • Beverly Schwartz (2B08)

All members of the ANC are ex oficio members of the LUC. There are no term limits for committee members.

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