Intersection Audit

NEW: Click here to see the results of our audit!

ANC 2B’s Mobility Committee is committed to the safety of all who walk, ride and drive in our neighborhood. To further that commitment, the Committee is undertaking an audit of all intersections located within our ANC. The goal of the inventory is to gather information on each intersection and find out where we can best target requests for new safety related infrastructure such as high-visibility crosswalks, pedestrian ramps, flexible safety bollards and pedestrian head-start signals.

This project not only helps us take stock of the conditions at our intersections but can help show community support for safety improvements.

Please join us in collecting data for the audit here (via your phone’s Google Maps app): ANC 2B Intersection Audit. It only takes one minute to log an intersection. See detailed instructions below. This project was inspired by ANC 6B.

ANC 2B Intersection Audit: Detailed Instructions

  1. From your smartphone, click the ANC 2B Intersection Audit Map link.
  2. The link will take you to a browser version of the map, but the map will also now show up in your app’s ‘Saved’ items -> ‘Maps’. It is recommended you use the Google Maps app.
  3. Zoom in on the map to the intersection where you are standing and click the blue traffic light symbol.
  4. Click on the intersection icon that appears on the map to access the link to the Google Form, labeled Audit Form.
  5. The cross streets will conveniently auto-fill to help make sure you select the relevant intersection. Answer the remaining questions in the form and hit submit!
  6. If you would like to do another intersection, go back to the Google Maps app and pick a new intersection.

The direct link to the survey form can be found here.