Policies & Procedures Manual

Beginning in 2009, ANC 2B started compiling and adopting a Policies and Procedures Manual for its operations.

The purposes of the Policies and Procedures Manual are to:

  • Make public our internal processes and our guidelines for decision-making
  • Capture institutional memory on ANC 2B processes and guidelines in effort to provide greater continuity during commissioner turnover
  • Provide a guide and resource for new commissioners and officers
  • Serve as a publicly available reference public space use guidelines and licenses

Current Version

Policies & Procedure Manual 2.3

Previous Versions

Policies & Procedure Manual 2.2
Policies & Procedure Manual 2.1
Policies & Procedure Manual 2.0
Policies & Procedure Manual 1.5
Policies & Procedure Manual 1.4
Policies & Procedure Manual 1.2
Policies & Procedure Manual 1.1
Policies & Procedure Manual 1.0

In addition to the manual, the ANC publishes Public Space Guidelines (PDF) for applicants and commissioners.

ANC 2B supports appropriate rental of public space by local businesses for outdoor sidewalk café and restaurant use.  ANC 2B believes that sidewalk cafes/outdoor restaurants are an important element in the urban ambiance and charm of the Dupont Circle community, while also promoting safety and economic development.  ANC 2B recognizes that public space use is a privilege, not a right.

ANC 2B will apply prospectively these guidelines in considering public space applications and applications for new or changed sidewalk cafes/outdoor restaurants (including applications before the ABRA and DDOT).  These guidelines are designed to supplement the municipal public space regulations.  While these guidelines serve as a guide, the ANC and its commissioners have a responsibility to consider the merits of each individual public space application.