NEWS: ANC seeking new web/IT consultant

The ANC’s long-time Executive Director Freddie Blicher, who served in that capacity from 2004 until 2011, is now stepping down from the position of Web/IT consultant.  Therefore, the ANC is looking for someone to assist us with web design and IT trouble-shooting, to begin in February 2013.  This is a contract position that will be paid hourly, with an expectation of about 10 hours per month.  The consultant should be very familiar with WordPress web design.  Graphic design and photo/video editing knowledge is also preferred.

Interested persons should contact Chairman Will Stephens at

The formal position description, as approved by the ANC, is below.

Position Description for Web/IT Consultant

The Web/IT Consultant will:

1. Serve as the Commission’s webmaster, including:

  • designing the website;
  • managing the background infrastructure of the website, such as servers and domains;
  • maintaining and updating the functionality of the website; and
  • regularly updating the content of the website, as needed;

2. Manage the Commission’s internal worksite (currently Backpack);

3. Manage the Commission’s e-mail systems and server; and

4. Assist with other IT work, as needed.

1 thought on “NEWS: ANC seeking new web/IT consultant

  1. Jonathan Osman

    Hi Mr. Baranov,

    My name is Jon, I”m an entrepreneur living in Washington D.C.. I have been working in Shanghai, China for two startup companies for the last 5 months. I would love to assist with web design and IT trouble shooting. I am very familiar with WordPress Web Design as I have been working with it for a few years, taking on the postions of Web Designer and Marketing/IT consultant while overseas. I would love to send you my resume and any other details you need. I look forward to hearing from you.


    Jonathan B Osman

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