NEWS: ANC 2B needs your feedback to improve our meetings!

In an effort to improve our monthly meetings, we’re seeking your feedback! Please take a brief moment to answer our very short survey. Any input is greatly appreciated!

Choose between two surveys depending on which is most applicable to you:

Survey for general attendees to the monthly meeting:

Survey for presenters at the monthly meeting:

1 thought on “NEWS: ANC 2B needs your feedback to improve our meetings!

  1. Lance Salonia

    My suggestion/request is that the commissioners educate themselves on agenda items PRIOR to the monthly meetings (via emails/ phone calls / committee meetings/ etc.) and devote the actual ANC meeting times to (1) a presentation by the applicants (with presentation materials turned toward the constituents) and (2) question and answer periods where all, ie constituents and commissioners, can ask questions of the presenters on an equal footing. Of course, the commissioners shouldn’t have too many questions left to ask at that point given they would have already done their due diligence in advance of the meeting … as described above. This would change the focus of ANC meetings from being a learning opportunity for the commissioners on the specifics of an issue to instead a learning opportunity for the commissioners on their constituents thoughts,views, and responses to an issue. Additionally, given the commissioners would already know the issue well before ever entering the room, they would be well prepared to give their constituents a more balanced view of an issue than applicants are usually willing to do. All this of course, would be for the greater objective of commissioners having more input on an issue when it comes time for them to vote. More input especially from the constituents who took the time to come participate in the meeting. As it’s run today, the constituents at the meeting are treated almost as an afterthought and not the primary focus of the meetings as the home rule act intended. I speak as the former chair of another ANC where we operated under those rules … and they worked. No constituent left ANC meeting feeling their views hadn’t at a minimum at least been heard. Thanks for reading.

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