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NEWS: ANC 2B’s Fiscal Year 2011 Annual Report Available

At our April 2012 Special Meeting, Dupont Circle ANC approved the Chairman’s draft Annual Report for Fiscal Year 2012.  The report provides a snapshot of the work of the ANC from October 2010 until September 2011 — including statistics on how we voted, special projects we considered, events we supported, photos, and much more.  Please take a look!

The PDF of the Annual Report is available on our Annual Reports page under Documents.  Please be aware that the Annual Report might take a minute to download, as it is over 10MB.

NEWS: ANC 2B appoints Public Safety Liaisons

At our April 18, 2012 Special Meeting, the Dupont Circle ANC formally appointed two resident volunteers to serve as our Public Safety Liaisons:

Noah Smith

Noah Smith is an emergency medical services (EMS) specialist for the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration focusing on medical and roadway safety initiatives. As a volunteer EMT for over seven years in Washington DC and Maryland he is passionate about public service and public safety, especially the safety of pedestrians, bicyclists and all road users. He lives in ANC 2B03 near the S Street Dog Park.

Contact information:

Noah can be reached at or 202-688-5416

Kishan Putta

Kishan has lived in ANC 2B04 for over seven years and moved to Washington in 2003 from Los Angeles where he was a journalist covering local government and public safety issues for the Los Angeles Times. Kishan also covered crime and local government as a reporter for the Providence Journal in Rhode Island. In Washington, he works as a health care adviser, but has brought his interest in urban street safety and crime prevention issues to the Dupont Circle community in his role as public safety liaison for ANC 2B.

Contact information:

Kishan can be reached at

The Commission is very pleased to work with Noah and Kishan, and we look forward to being more proactive on public safety issues, broadly defined.   The above information will be available on our Public Safety Liaisons page.  Be on the lookout for future information and reports, as well.

NEWS: REVISED ANC 2B April Agenda Meetings: April 11th & April 18th

The Revised April meeting agendas are now available here.

On April 11th, we will be meeting in the Somers Room at the Brookings Institution (1775 Massachusetts Ave NW) for our regular April 2012 meeting at 7:00pm.

Due to a high number of regulatory applications this month, we have split up the agenda into two meetings.  The follow-up special meeting will be at 7:00pm on Wednesday, April 18th at 7:00pm at the Dupont Circle Resource Center (9 Dupont Circle NW).

NEWS: DDOT Officials and Dupont Residents Discuss Parking Issues

The Dupont Circle ANC and residents met at the Dupont Circle Hotel with DDOT  official Damon Harvey the evening of Tuesday, April 3, 2012 to discuss issues related to parking systems for the neighborhood.  Thanks to all who attended!  The following meeting notes are courtesy of Dupont resident Nell Payne, who attended the meeting along with many other residents and commissioners:

The purpose of the meeting was for DDOT to describe what types of parking systems have and have not worked elsewhere in the city, and for Ward 2 residents to explain the parking challenges they face and ask questions about the parking regulation system and what the options are.

Damon Harvey with DDOT (, 202.671.350) described the various ways in which neighborhoods can perfect their residential parking permit (RPP) system.  He urged us to think about a comprehensive approach, so that non-resident parkers don’t simply shift from one block to the next in search of laxer rules.  Attendees described the types of parking problems they encounter, such as spaces being taken by patrons and employees of nearby commercial establishments, and inability of the elderly and handicapped to find parking.

The default RPP option is a 2-hour grace period for non-permit holders 7:30am-8:30pm Monday-Friday.  That can be changed in certain ways by regulation upon the recommendation of the ANC, but other changes would require enactment of a new law by the City Council.  Examples of changes that can be made by regulation include changing the hours of the RPP system, imposition of resident-only parking (that is, no grace period at all) on one side of the street during certain hours/days, and changing the hours and costs of meters.  We should also carefully consider side effects – for example, if resident-only parking is instituted, the city will supply each household with a visitor parking pass, but there is danger that those passes can be counterfeited and sold.  DDOT works hard to prevent that, by monitoring Craigslist and EBay and using water marks on the permits, but it could be an issue.  Could be less of an issue if DDOT is successful in development and rollout of an internet-based system for visitor passes.

One option that was discussed would be to have RPP in place during the day, say from 8:00am to 4:00pm, then resident-only from 4:00pm to midnight.  This would allow guests, tradesmen and deliverymen to park for up to two hours during the day, then give residents priority by the time they come home from work.

There are more nuances than many of us realized.  For example, an RPP system that operates until 6:00pm, after which anyone can park for any length of time, really only limits parking until 4:00pm, because a non-resident can park at 4:00pm, stay for the 2-hour grace period until 6:00pm and stay further overnight until the RPP kicks in again the following morning.

[Comissioner] Mike Feldstein will organize a second meeting in a month or so, which will be devoted to discussion of issues specific to Ward 2, and suggestions by DDOT as to how to address them.