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NEWS: Public Safety Meeting 3/10/2014 7pm

Advisory Neighborhood Commission 2B and the Golden Triangle Business Improvement District will host a public safety meeting Monday night, March 10th at 7pm at the Embassy Row Hotel, 2015 Massachusetts Ave NW.

The meeting is in response to a series of violent crimes in the area south of Dupont Circle and other nightlife areas in DC. Residents and officials will be briefed on recent incidents and steps being taken to ensure public safety.

Representatives of the Metropolitan Police Department will take part, along with the Director of the Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration. Other District officials will also be there.

The primary focus of the meeting will be public safety, but there will also be an update on steps being taken to enforce the District’s noise laws.

NEWS: ANC 2B considering new grants policies/procedures

The ANC will be considering a new set of policies and procedures for providing grants.  In recent years, the ANC has provided grants on an ad hoc basis, and the draft policies and procedures would formalize and normalize how the ANC considers grants.

The new DRAFT grants policies and procedures are available here.  We welcome your comments and feedback.

The ANC’s Community Involvement Committee will be considering the grants program in mid-April, and the full ANC most likely in May.

NEWS: ANC Publishes Annual Report for Fiscal Year 2012

At its January 2013 meeting, the ANC approved the FY 2012 Annual Report submitted by Chairman Will Stephens.  The annual report provides a snapshot of the activities of the ANC from October 2011 through September 2012 — including votes taken, issues discussed, achievements, personnel, staff, and finances.

Particularly interesting are the statistics showing how the ANC voted on regulatory applications (alcohol, public space, zoning, historic preservation) over the course of the year.

DC law requires ANCs to submit annual reports to the Council each year.  At minimum, these required reports must include a breakdown of the ANCs finances and key activities and votes.  The Dupont Circle ANC has in recent years generated annual reports that are meant to serve a broader audience — including new and old residents, businesses, other ANCs, and other community stakeholders.  It is intended to be attractive and easy to read, in addition to being informative.

You can find the FY 2012 Annual Report on our Annual Reports page, along with reports going back to 1976, the first year of the ANCs.

In addition, a PDF of the new FY 2012 Annual Report is available here: FY2012-AnnualReport-FINAL(1-9-2013).

NEWS: ANC Candidate Forum 10/22/12

On Monday, October 22 at 7:00pm, the Community Involvement Committee of ANC2B will host a candidate forum for all ANC candidates standing on the ballot for election on November 6.  The forum will be held at the Chastleton Ballroom located at 1701 16th St NW – within the boundaries of ANC 2B04, where three candidates are competing for the seat that will be vacated by outgoing Commissioner Jack Jacobson.

The Forum will be moderated by resident activists Iris Molotsky and Michael Beidler and will begin at 7:00pm.  All candidates will have the opportunity to give 2 minute opening statements to the public.  Candidates in the two competitive seats (2B03 and 2B04) will then be asked several questions by the moderators.  Following these questions, members of the public will be able to ask questions to candidates in competitive or non-competitive seats.  The moderators may choose to alter this format as they see fit.

Write-in candidates or candidates for other offices are welcome to attend the event and distribute literature, but will not be provided time for statements or receiving questions.

The event will end no later than 8:30pm, so that attendees can make it home in time for the final Presidential debate.

The following balloted ANC candidates have been invited to participate:

Mike Feldstein, 2B01 – Incumbent
Kevin O’Connor, 2B02 – Incumbent
Bevan Mace, 2B03
Stephanie Maltz, 2B03
Martin Espinoza, 2B04
Stephanie Sheridan, 2B04
Kishan Putta, 2B04
Victor Wexler, 2B05 – Incumbent
Mike Silverstein, 2B06 – Incumbent
Leo Dwyer, 2B07
Will Stephens, 2B08 – Incumbent
Noah Smith, 2B09