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NEWS: Our FY 2010 Annual Report now available online

The Commission is required to file an annual report with the D.C. Council for each Fiscal Year (Oct. 1st through Sept. 30th).  The report details the major actions of the Commission, the Commissioners who served, and how we spent our money.  We approved a Fiscal Year 2010 Annual Report at our March 9, 2011 public meeting.  We are proud to have created an annual report that serves not only as a basic report to the Council, but also provides residents (new and old alike), businesses, and other ANCs a detailed snapshot of who we are, what we do, what issues we tackled, and what benefits the ANC brought to the neighborhood.

Please see our new, final FY 2010 Annual Report on our “Annual Reports” page here
…or, you can download the PDF file directly by clicking here [approx. 15 MB].

We hope you enjoy reading the report and learning about our ANC!

NEWS: Our official ANC letters now available on our website!

We are pleased to announce that we have updated our Dupont Circle ANC website ( to list all our resolution letters month-by-month, going back to March 2010.  We will continue to post our resolution letters each month.  You can find all these resolution letters by going to “Documents” and then “Resolution Letters by Month,” or by using the following link:

When the ANC passes a resolution on a matter — for example, supporting a liquor license application, raising a concern to the D.C. Council, or providing comment on proposed legislation — we share a letter incorporating the resolution with the relevant D.C. agency or other body.  The letter is signed by the Chairman with the line “ON BEHALF OF THE COMMISSION.”  The letter serves the official notice of our action to the relevant agency or body.  They are to give the resolution in the letter “great weight.”  In the past, these letters were mailed or sometimes faxed, but since around 2005 the ANC has shared almost all of its formal letters as e-mailed PDF files.

This new web page is part of our effort to make the ANC 2B website a comprehensive resource for the community, and also to promote open government.  Enjoy perusing our letters!

NEWS: ANC 2B approves revised public space guidelines

After several months of work by our ABRA Policy Committee, the ANC at our March 2011 meeting approved a revised set of guidelines for reviewing applications for public space sidewalk cafes.  These guidelines are an update of our 1997 guidelines.

The new public space guidelines will assist the ANC in considering all applications for public space sidewalk cafes fairly and thoroughly.  Applicants file sidewalk cafe requests to the District Department of Transportation (DDOT) Public Space Committee.  If liquor is to be served, then applicants must also file such requests to the Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) Board.  The ANC hears these applications first, and the agencies are to give the ANC’s opinion “great weight” in considering the applications.

The process of revising these guidelines began in Fall 2010.  The ABRA Policy Committee circulated a draft and solicited public comment from December through February.  The final document was recommended by the Committee and adopted by the Commission at our March 9, 2011 public meeting.

The revised guidelines are available here.

Our prior posting on this topic is available here.