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January 3rd ZPD Committee Meeting Agenda

ANC 2B will hold our monthly Zoning, Preservation, and Development (ZPD) Committee meeting on Wednesday, January 3rd at 7:00 pm at the Dupont Circle Resource Center, 9 Dupont Circle NW.

The committee will review the following historic preservation and zoning applications:

  • 1323 21st Street NW – Concept / three-story addition and new garage with storage at rear (HPRB #18-133) (2B06)
  • 1530 P Street NW – Application by the Carnegie Institution for Science for a special exception from the penthouse screening requirements to permit renovations to the existing office building (BZA #19664) (2B05)
  • 1315 16th Street NW – Application by the Rouge Hotel for special exceptions from the use permissions and from the penthouse requirements to construct a new penthouse restaurant in an existing hotel (BZA #19695) (2B05)
  • 1625 P Street NW – Stead Park Recreation Center Project (CFA #TBD) (2B05)
  • 1775 Massachusetts Avenue NW – Concept / alter front entrance, ADA access, and driveway (HPRB #18-141) (2B07)
  • 1729 T Street NW – (BZA #TBD) (2B08)
  • 2031 Q Street NW – Concept / roof alteration at rear (HPRB #18-123) (2B02)
  • 1747 T Street NW – Concept / alter slope of roof, third story addition at rear (HPRB #18-142) (2B08)

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the above agenda items, please reach out to the single member district commissioner associated with the project and ZPD Committee Chair Daniel Warwick at

ZPD Agenda December 2nd 7PM

ANC 2B’s next Zoning, Preservation, and Development Committee meeting will be December 2nd 7PM at the Dupont Circle Resource Center (9 Dupont Circle NW). Following the public input session at the October ZPD meeting, this month the ZPD Committee will be hosting a public input session on a proposed Memorandum of Understanding among St. Thomas’ Episcopal Church, Cas Riegler, and the ANC. The *DRAFT* MOU is located here (pdf): St. Thomas – MOU – Draft -11-30-2015

Please reach out to Commissioners Warwick and Kupcinski with any questions, comments, or concerns.

October 7th ZPD and St. Thomas Development Public Input Meeting

The October 7th Zoning, Preservation, and Development Meeting of ANC 2B will be held in the West Wing meeting room of the Embassy Row Hotel at 2015 Massachusetts Ave NW. The meeting will begin at 7PM and consider three regulatory applications as well as a public input meeting on the development at 1772 Church St NW.

Regulatory Agenda 7:00PM-7:30PM

1600 I St NW / 888 16th Street NW (Motion Picture Association of America) Applications to the a) Historic Preservation Review Board (HPRB) and a) the Board of Zoning Adjustment (BZA):

a) HPRB Application No. 15-575, A noncontributing structure, Historic Preservation Review Board (Hearing Scheduled for October 22 (or 29 overflow))
b) BZA Case 19122 (i) to allow an increase of an existing, and (ii) to allow a portion of an existing roof structure to be devoted to enclosed communal amenity space that is to an outdoor roof terrace, to allow the renovation and expansion of the existing office building on the Subject Property in the SP-2 District.

1415 22nd St NW, Commission of Fine Arts Review

1514 Q St NW, Historic Preservation review of rear addition

1325 21st Street NW rear addition HPRB # 15-632 Note: delayed to November agenda at applicant’s request

Public Input Meeting 7:30-9:00PM

Following HPRB’s review of the St Thomas Church development at 1772 Church Street NW, the applicant applied for a zoning variance. When the applicant applied for a zoning variance, the ANC convened a small group of neighbors, the developer, the church, and the ANC to discuss reaching a memorandum of understanding regarding the construction and operational impacts of the development. The public input meeting is to engage the broader community on concerns and items for consideration. Committee members will be at the drop-in meeting to hear concerns in small groups.

If you have any questions before the meeting, please reach out to Commissioner Daniel Warwick.

Listed below are items the committee has already brainstormed for consideration.

Pre-construction Items:

  • Transportation Analysis
    • Trip Generation Study
    • Alley Width/Configuration
    • Alley Management Plan
  • Arborist Assessment (Street Trees)
  • Existing Conditions Survey
    • Neighboring Homes
    • Settlement Monitoring
  • Construction Staging Plan
    • Sequencing of Church/Residential Construction
    • Sidewalk/Alley/Roadway Restrictions
    • Overall Project Schedule

Construction Items:

  • Point of Contact Identification
  • Hours of Construction
  • Rodent Control
  • General Liability Insurance
  • Neighboring Property Surveys
  • Maintenance Reimbursements
  • Environmental Remediation
  • Alley and Parking Access
    • Notice of Closure
    • Parking Reimbursement
  • Construction Dust Mitigation
  • Construction Worker Parking
  • Alley Resurfacing

Operational Items:

  • Public & Private Outdoor Space
    • Usage
    • Noise Controls
    • Light Controls
    • Privacy
  • Trash Collection
  • Loading Zone Operations
  • Rear Door Access/Restrictions
  • Property Management Contact Identification
  • Community Utilization of Facilities
    • Meeting Space
    • Parking
  • Secondary Church Functions
    • Funerals
    • Weddings
    • Special Events
    • Potential Future Uses
  • MOU Specific Items
    • Effect of Agreement
    • Enforcement
    • Modifications

NEWS: St Thomas Church Development Applies for Zoning Variance

The St. Thomas Church Development applied for a zoning variance of 86.7% lot occupancy in the SP-1 zone with a by right lot occupancy of 80%. You may download plans here on Dropbox.

The ANC will likely review the case in November or December depending on when the development is scheduled on the Board of Zoning Adjustment calendar.

In the absence of a 2B07 single member district commissioner, feel free to reach out to Commissioner Daniel Warwick at with any comments or concerns.

1772 Church St project update

Updated plans for 1772 Church St are available HERE.

These plans will likely be on the Historic Preservation Review Board’s consent calendar for their June 25th meeting. Accordingly, at the meeting, Board members will make a decision whether the project should go to another full hearing (with presentations and verbal testimony), or if the project should be delegated to staff. The board will not hear any testimony on the 25th, instead it will base its decision on letters it receives from the public beforehand.
Please send any letters to Kim Elliott ( by June 23rd, and she will email them to Board members (June 18th is the deadline for a hard copy to be included in Board members’ review packets).
Furthermore, testimony should ONLY pertain to how effectively the applicant addressed the 5 design issues that the Board articulated at the May hearing:

1. Residential bays to align more with the setback along Church St. as the church building is the “bookend” landmark at the end of that block–possible solution to move back residential façade so that face of bays are aligned with Parish Hall façade (+/-3’)
2. Work on stepping back or reducing the upper floors (6+7) to minimize perceived mass.
3. Look at scale of residential windows compared to the rest of church street rowhouses
4. Refine the glass detailing of upper and at the main entrance levels of church to reflect what the actual condition will be as it relates to transparency and construction.
5. Landscape at front of church needs to be developed and integrated

Because of this expedited process, the ANC has submitted a resolution asking the project to be removed from the June consent calendar (for time to review and receive community comments). While the ANC has been told the project is still expected to go before the Board on June 25th, we will soon have a better understanding of how HPRB plans to address the ANC resolution.