NEWS: Proposed Resolution on Historic Preservation Review of New Construction at 1412 T St NW

The Dupont ANC will deliberate a resolution this Wednesday, April 10th at its montly meeting on cosntruction of a two-unit rowhouse on a vacant lot at 1412 T Street NW.

The lot has been vacant for nearly a generation and earlier this month the Zoning, Preservation and Development Committee heard a presentation from the owner’s representative on plans to develop the land into a two-unit rowhouse. The ANC and its committee are reviewing concept plans in order to provide guidance to the Historic Preservation Review Board (HPRB) on whether to approve this project in the U Street Historic District.

The committee did not feel it had enough information on the project, including its potential impact on sunlight and air quality for neighbors to make a decision and requested that information from the developer. The ANC will deliberate on the following proposed resolution this week that asks the HPRB to delay the historic review hearing by one month:


That ANC 2B cannot support the project as presented because we do not have sufficient information;

That we are concerned that the depth of the project in the rear, coupled with the additional height, is not appropriate for the context;

That ANC 2B requests a one-month delay in order to see this additional information and see these issues addressed;

That ANC 2B therefore would like to see the following additional information and tests:

  1. Rear alley photos along both sides of the alley, showing in particular how far back other houses extend into the alley;
  2. Sightlines along T Street coming from both 14th Street and 15th Street;
  3. A flag test;
  4. A light study for the rear, including scenarios that both maintain and eliminate the existing tree in the rear;
  5. Massing drawings showing more of the block in context; and
  6. A photo of the existing tree in the rear;

That ANC 2B requests the following commitments from the applicant on the project:

  1. That the exterior front stair area-way be moved to the interior of the structure;
  2. That no roof deck will be included; and
  3. That the applicant will engage an arborist to consider the effect on the existing rear tree, and will provide a similar and appropriate replacement tree (or trees) after construction if there is damage or removal of the rear tree.


NEWS: Proposed Resolution on Historic Preservation Review of New Construction at 1412 T St NW