ANC 2B Statement Regarding the Recent Killing of Carlos Sanchez-Martin in Dupont Circle

-This statement has been updated to include the name of the individual who was killed. ANC 2B is saddened by the death ofĀ Carlos Sanchez-Martin on Friday, September 21stĀ in Dupont Circle. According to reports, Mr.Ā Sanchez-Martin was killed by a person driving

NEWS: ANC’s Transportation Committee Recommends Three Proposals to Keep Neighborhood Moving Safely and Efficiently

The Dupont Circle ANCā€™s Transportation and Public Infrastructure Committee has been hard at work the last several months on several projects intended to help keep our neighborhood safe and moving efficiently. This Wednesday, the committee will present three of those

BLOG: Notes on April 2014 Pedestrian Advisory Council Meeting

[Cross-posted at] TheĀ Pedestrian Advisory CouncilĀ (PAC) met in April 2014 for committee-level discussions. Ā (The PAC trades off every other month betweenĀ full PAC meetings and committee meetings. Ā For a report on my first full PAC meeting as Ward 2 representative in